ENGL 2210 World Literature II

Indigenous African Religions. Study Guide
  1. The author states that African religions provide people with a "world view." What is a good definition of "world view," and how much of your own world view do you think has been provided by your religion, or by a lack of a religious experience?
  2. What are "rituals" and what is their role in culture? With which human events are they most often associated?
  3. What are some specific similarities between Monotheistic religions and African religiouns' conception of God?
  4. What are some differences?
  5. Gaining favors from good spirits depends on proper behavior. What specifically is "good" behavior, according to African religious belief? What does failing to follow these guidelines result in
  6. Describe the types of human spirits and their specific roles.
  7. How is respect to the ancestors shown?
  8. What is the role of the nature spirits?
  9. How does one get protection from bad spirits?
  10. Who are the religious leaders in African religions?
  11. What roles do priests play in African religions? How do they communicate with ancestral spirits?
  12. What is the role of the rain-makeers? What may be the reason for the lack of rain, and how is the problem solved?
  13. What is the primary cause of illness, according to African beliefs?
  14. Who are the two types of healers in African religious traditions, and how does each type practice their healing?
  15. What two religions in the America originate from Africa?