ENGL 2210 World Literature II

David Banach: "The Ethics of Absolute Freedon"

  1. Describe what it means to be an absolute individual.
  2. Describe the Existentialist and the taditional (religious) views of the Existence - Essence concepts of man's nature.
  3. What is "bad faith", according to Sartre? Provide several examples of how sometimes we act in bad faith.
  4. What does having "absolute freedom" for an individual mean?
  5. What is the myth of Sisyphus, and how is our situation similar to his, according to Camus?
  6. According to the author of this article, how do "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" embody the Existentialist theme that true happiness must come from within?
  7. What is the Existentialist secret to happiness?
  8. According to Existentialist ethics, how should one act towards other people, and why?
  9. Describe ANY resemblances in your character that you may have in your concepts of freedom, happiness, and ethics that resemble those of the Existentialists.