ENGL 2210 World Literature II

Camus: "The Guest". Study Guide

  1. Themes:
    1. Revolt
    2. Individual's sense of alienation and exile in the world.
    3. Freedom
    4. Brotherhood
    5. Responsibility
    6. Inevitability of choice
    7. Responsibility for another's fate
    8. System vs the individual
    9. Guest-host relationship
  2. Provide some examples of how Daru is physically exiled and isolated from his own people. How does Camus use descriptions of the landscape to confirm Daru's isolation?
  3. What kind of an alliance is there between the teacher and the Arab?
  4. Describe the physical appearance of the Arab. What can you deduce about his character from his physical appearance?
  5. What are the character differences between Balducci, Daru and the Arab?
  6. How do each of the characters deal with their "responsibility"?
  7. Why do you think Daru gives the Arab the opportunity to escape?
  8. In what way is the Arab treated like a guest by Daru?
  9. In what way is Daru treated like a host by the Arab?
  10. Why do you think does the Arab choose the road to prison?