ENGL 2210 World Literature II

Achebe: "Things fall apart" Study Guide, Chapters 21-23

Chapter 21
  1. Not everyone in Umuofia was against the new changes. What changes did they like?
  2. What is Mr. Brown like as a priest?
  3. What is the debate between Mr. Brown and Akunna all about?
  4. Mr. Brown comes to the conclusion that a "frontal attack" on the native religion would not work. What did he decide to do instead? Which system do you think works better and why? What is a good way to attract converts?
  5. According to the last paragraph of this chapter, why is Okonkwo deeply grieved?
Chapter 22
  1. How is Reverend James Smith's way of dealing with the Africans different from Mr. Brown's way.
  2. Who is Enoch, and what did he do to get the clan mad?
  3. Provide a good definition of "desecration". Look it up in a good dictionary, if you have to. Few years ago there was an attempt to amend the US constitution to include an amendment against desecration of the US flag. What's your opinion on this? There have been reports that soldiers in Guantanamo base, where "enemy combatants" are imprisoned, have been desecrating the Koran as a way to get prisoners to talk. What's your opinion on this tactic? Do you think there is a place for desecration in trying to get one's point across?
  4. How do the egwugwu respond to Enoch's desecration?
Chapter 23
  1. How does the District Commissioner deal with the problem?
  2. How do the court messengers humiliate the clan leaders? What do you think of the idea of humiliation to get a prisoner to cooperate?
  1. As a man dances, so are the drums beaten for him.