ENGL 2210 World Literature II

Achebe: "Things fall apart" Main Characters

  1. Okonkwo (Oh-kawnkwoh): The central character
  2. Unoka (OO-no-kah): Okonkwo’s father
  3. Nwoye: (Nuwoh-yeh): Okonkwo’s oldest son, age 12 at the book’s beginning
  4. Ikemefuna (Ee-keh-meh-foo-nah): A boy of fourteen given to the village (Umoufia) (Ooh-mooh-fyah) by a neighboring village to avoid war
  5. Ekwefi (Eh-kweh-fee): Okonkwo’s second wife
  6. Ezinma (Eh-zeen-mah): Daughter of Ekwefi and Okonkwo
  7. Ojiubo (Oh-jee-ooh-boh): Okonkwo’s third wife
  8. Obierika ((oh-bee-air-ee-kah): Okonkwo’s best friend in Umoufia. The father of Maduka (son) and Ekuwke (daughter)
  9. Chielo (Chee-eh-loh): A village widow who is also the priestess of Agbala
  10. Agbala (Ah-bah-lah): The Oracle of the Hills and Caves. She influences all aspects of life in the village
  11. Mr. Brown: The first white Christian missionary in Umoufia
  12. Mr. Kiaga (Kee-ah-gah): The native interpreter for the missionaries
  13. The Reverend James Smith: A strict, stereotypical white Christian missionary, he takes over the church after Mr. Brown’s departure
  14. The District Commissioner: A stem, stereotypical white colonial administrator of Umoufia