ENGL 2210 World Literature II

"The Man Who Was Almost a Man" Essays

Read the essay writing instructions before you write your essay. Select ONE topic.

  1. Has David managed to become a "man" at the end of the story? What are the rules for becoming a man in his society? Who do you think is a "man" in the story, and why? Defend your answers.
  2. Describe what the source of the conflict is between Dave and his society, specifically focusing on the subject of what it takes "to be a man" in that society. To what extent are Dave's parents and his society responsible for his behavior?
  3. The author of this story spent 15 years in Paris and was welcomed by the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Disucss the story as an existentialist story. First, be sure to read and review the readings and your notes on existentialism.

Always provide specific examples to support your points! Your essay should be no less than 350 words, and no more than 400 words. Indicate the number of words at the bottom of the essay.