Dostoevsky: "Notes from the Underground"

Read the essay writing instructions before you write your essay. Select ONE topic.
  1. Topics A.
    1. The underground man attacks the view that
      1. human nature is good,
      2. we generally seek what is good for us,
      3. science propounds eternal truths,
      4. paradise on earth is possible, or that it is good,
      5. man should follow his enlightened interests,
      6. man is rational.
      Pick one view and discuss what the underground man finds wrong with such a view. Stick to his views, not yours.
    2. Discuss the underground man's attack on the idea of progress and the benefits of science.
    3. Discuss the underground man's major objections to living in a perfect world.
    4. Discuss the nature of man as perceived by the underground man.
  2. Topic B
  3. .
    1. Chapter VIII and US News and World Report article

    2. Consider this quote from the US News and World Report article:

      "Fueled by powerful neuroimaging technology, questions about how we make snap decisions, why we feel uncomfortable without any obvious causes, what motivates us, and what satisfies us are being answered not through lying on a couch and exploring individual childhood miseries but by looking at neurons firing in particular parts of our brains. Hardly a week passes without the release of the results of a new study on these kinds of processes."

      Read Chapter VIII of "Notes..." and the entire US News article carefully and discuss, from the perspective of the Undeground Man, what implications these kinds of discoveries might have in how we lead our lives.

    Your essay should be no less than 350 words, and no more than 400 words. Indicate the number of words at the bottom of the essay.