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Syrian Bride

"THE SYRIAN BRIDE"--A film by Eran Riklis

Mona's wedding day was the saddest day of her life. She knew that once she crosses the border between Israel and Syria to marry Tallel, she will never be able to go back to her family in Majdal Shams, a Druze village in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

The story of Mona's wedding day portrays all those gathered for the wedding - the family, led by Hammed, a strong-headed political activist, government officials, soldiers, police officers, Red Cross workers, Druze, Syrians, and Israelis, focusing on Mona's older sister Amal, a modern woman trapped in traditions she wants to break away from.

A pessimistic story, perhaps an optimistic story, certainly an opssimistic* one set in a picturesque location in a region haunted by hostility, indifference and bureaucracy."

*Opssimism = Optimism mixed with pessimism: a good way to survive in the Middle East.



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