Medieval Torture

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The head vise is used for students who refuse to learn or pay attention in class.
The pot was used to boil witches, heretics, or uncooperative students.

And you complain about writing papers.

Ouch!  In this manner, students learned never to turn papers in late.

Unfortunately, this device proved to have no classroom uses.

This greatly inhibited the learning process.

In lieu of the letter grade penalty, students may choose to spent 1 day in the coffin for every day a paper is late. 

Despite common misconceptions, research suggests that this device was not used in the universities.  Whether it should have been is still an issue of scholarly debate.

After this device was introduced, professors noticed a marked drop in plagiarism.

This can be used in place of the coffin, if preferred.

Class discussion is encouraged.  However, comments should focus on topics relevant to the day's discussion.  These masks are used for students who disrupt class.

This is simply the barbarous behavior of an unenlightened time and would never be used in my classroom.

Talk about male insecurity.
For people you want to quiet.  However, this may not be used on those in the professorial class.

Disclaimer:  The descriptions in italics are mine and should not be taken as fact.  Or should they?

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