“Sneaky Snake”

By: Lyndsey Tenney

Emergent Literacy Plan

Rationale: It is very important that students know the sounds of the different letters. In order to read, one must be able to recognize the letter and correctly identify the sound that corresponds. In this lesson students will be learning the phoneme /s/. This phoneme is represented by the letter S. By learning the sound and the letter symbol, students will be able to correctly identify the letter S by finding the /s/ sound in different words. This will occur through reading, writing, and word recognition.




Primary paper and pencils

Chart with “The sneaky snake slithered across the swamp.”

The book Seal’s Silly Sandwich

A picture of a snake slithering.

Pictures of a sandwich, a snake, a seal, a dog, and a flower (to color)



1. Introduce the lesson by telling students that the /s/ sound is made by the letter S. Watch my mouth as I say the /s/ sound “SSSSSSSS”. Now I want you to say it with me “SSSSSSS”. The letter “S” kind of looks like a snake and the /s/ sound sounds like a very sneaky snake.


2. Let’s pretend our arm is a snake and we’re sneaking through the grass: /s/ /s/ /s/. Watch my mouth when I say the sound /s/. My teeth are pressed against each other and I’m blowing air through my mouth.



3. Let me show you how to find /s/ in the word “last.” I’m going to stretch “last” out super slowly so we can hear all the different sounds that we hear in the word. LLL-AAA-SSS-TTT. Did you hear the /s/ sound? Let’s try it again: LLL-AAA-SSSSS-(there it is!)-TTT. I felt my teeth press against each other and I can hear the sneaky snake /s/ in the middle of last.


4. Now I want you to help me out with a very tricky tongue twister. First I’m going to say it and you listen, and then you will repeat it after me: “The sneaky snake slithered across the swamp.” Now you try it. Now say it three more times and after that we are going to stretch out the /s/ sound. “The s-s-s-neaky s-s-s-nake s-s-s-lithered acros-s-s the s-s-s-wamp.” Great Job! Now this time we are going to say the /s/ by itself and then the other part of the word after that. The /s/ neaky /s/ nake /s/ lithered acro /s/ the /s/ wamp.”  


5. Now we are going to take out your primary pencil and paper. We use the letter S spell /s/. So now we are going to write the letter S. Remember that S looks like a slithery snake. You’re going to start just right above the fence and make a lowercase C up in the air, head down and swing back around. I want to see everyone’s letter S and after I have checked it I want you to make nine more just like it so we will have ten letter S’s across our paper!


6. Call on students to see which word they hear the /s/ sound in. Do you hear /s/ in: grass or green? Fat or fast? Moon or Sun? Game or Glass? Sail or whale?


7. Now we’re going to look at a book called “Seal’s Silly Sandwich.” What do you notice about these three words in our title? Yes, they all begin with the letter S! And what sound does the letter S make? /s/ like a snake! The first time we read, you are just going to listen carefully for /s/. This will be your practice round! The second time we read, every time you hear /s/ I want you to hold your hand high.


In this book the main character is a Seal. The seal is very hungry and puts many silly things on his sandwich that you normally wouldn’t! What do you think the Seal will have on his sandwich? Let’s read to find out!


8. Show how to determine if there is an S in the word mask or mat. Let’s sound each word out together and if you hear the /s/ sound let’s sneak like a snake with our arms. M-M-A-A-SSS(sneak like a snake)-K-K. How about the word mat: M-M-A-A-T-T? Did we sneak like a snake? No so the word with an S is the word mask!


Assessment: The students will be assessed when writing the letter S, when raising their hands when they hear the /s/ sound while we read, and writing down the words with the letter S sound. At the end they will also be given a sheet of different objects. They are to only color the objects that begin with the letter S.



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