Icky Sticky I

Beginning Reading Design

Katherine Carnes


Rationale: In order to be able to read, children must learn to recognize the spellings that map word pronunciations. This lesson teaches the short vowel correspondence i=/i/. In this lesson students will recognize, spell, and read words containing short i. They will do so by completing a letterbox lesson and reading a decodable book focusing on i=/i/.



·         Dry erase board with markers

·         Letterboxes with at least four boxes and letters for each student

Letters needed: a, f, g, h, i, l, l, p, r, s, t

·         Copies of Pig in a Bag for each student

·         Copied of worksheet for each student


1. Say: "Today we're going to work on reading and spelling words with the letter i in them. This letter looks like this [write it on the board], and it sounds like /i/. To remember the sound this letter makes, we're going to act like we have something sticky on our hands. [sticky hand motion] say '/i/ this is icky sticky i.'"

2. "We have to learn to hear the /i/ in words before we can spell them. Let me show you how I do that with the word slip. /s//s/s/-/l//l/-/i/-/p/. I'm going to try again slower because I'm not sure if it was in there. /s//s//s/-/l//l//l/-/i//i///i//i/-/p/. I heard it in there! /s/-/l/-/i/ [make the icky sticky i motion] - /p/."

3. "Let's practice! Do the icky sticky i motion if you hear /i/ in the following word:"

·         kid

·         hat

·         hit

·         list

4. "Now we are going to work on spelling icky sticky i with our letter boxes. I'll model this for you with the word crisp: I heard the icky sticky /i/ just before the /s/. I also heard /p/ after the /s/, so I'm going to put an i in the 3rd box. Now, the word starts with the /k/ sound so I will put c in the first box. After that, I hear /r/ so I'll put an r in the 2nd box. Now you all try with these words, and I'll come around and check." Before each word, tell them how many boxes they will need.

·         trip [3]

·         pill [3]

·         tell [3]

·         grip [4]

·         flash [4]

·         bit [3]

5. Now have students read the words off the board. After each word, ask one student to explain how he/she decoded it.

6. "Now, we're going to practice reading icky sticky i in a book. We're going to read Pig in a Bag. This is a book about a surprise Tim gets for his birthday. I wonder what it will be? We'll have to read to find out! Read to yourself, and I'll come around and have you whisper read to me to see how you're doing."

7. When the students finish reading, have them work on this worksheet:

·         Directions: Match the picture to the correct word. Write the letter of the word under the picture.

A. pig

B. bat

C. lip

D. crib

E. sled



"Icky Sticky" by Alyssa Gilman



"Pig in a Bag" by Geri Murray


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