FIGURE 4. Characteristics of an average Smackover turbidite bed (described by Esposito, 1987 and Esposito and King, 1987) compared to characteristics of idealized tempestite and turbidite beds (according to Sellwood, 1986, and Stow, 1986). Key to symbols: Y = yes; N = no; M = maybe; and ? = unknown.

sharp erosional baseYYY
basal scours, lagsYYY
gutter, casts, tool marks?YY
normal gradingYYY
hummocky laminaeNYN
wave-ripple structuresNYN
repopulation burrowsNYN
lateral continuity?YY
clast orientation?YN
infiltration fabricsNYN
mudcoated shellsNYN
amalgamated bedsYYY
Bouma sequenceMNY
inverse gradingYMY
neritic trace fossils?NY
dish and pip structures?NY
current ripplesMNY