Choo Choo With ch

Katie Pendergrass

Emergent Literacy


Rationale:  This lesson will help children identify /ch/, the phoneme represented by ch.  The students will learn to recognize /ch/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation (chugging along in an antique car) and the letter symbols ch, practice finding /ch/ in words, and applying phoneme awareness with /ch/ in phonetic cue reading by distinguishing rhyming words from beginning letters.


Materials:  chart with "Charlie chased chickens chewing chocolate chunks," primary paper and pencil, assessment phonics worksheet practicing identifying /ch/ sounds in words (attached in references)



1.     Say:  We are going to learn a sound today that sticks two letters together to make the sound! The sound that we are going to make is /ch/.  Our mouth moves differently every time we read different words.  We are going to be able to see how our mouth moves every time we make the /ch/ sound.  We make the sound /ch/ by sticking the letters c and h together.  The /ch/ sound is just like the sound that a train makes as it chugs along the track.  Display a picture of a train.

2.     Everyone can make the /ch/ sound by putting our teeth together and our tongue is on the roof of our mouth.  Let's pretend that we are riding on a train and hearing the sound that it makes.  We are going to use a hand motion (making fists and rotating them in circles) that is like the way that the tires move on the train.  Everybody together, let says /ch/, /ch/, /ch/ and move our hands in the train motion! 

3.     Let me show you how to find out if /ch/ is in the word speech.  I'm going to stretch speech out slowly to help me find out.  Ss-p-ee-ch.  Slower:  Sss-pp-eee-cchhh.  I could hear my /ch/ /ch/ chugging along train in speech!

4.     Let's try a tongue twister that will help us practice our /ch/ train sound! The tongue twister is: "Charlie chased chickens chewing chocolate chunks."  Everyone say it together.  Now stretch out each word so that we can find /ch/.  "Cchhharlie cchhased cchhickens cchhewing cchhocolate cchhunks."  Now this time we will separate each /ch/ sound from the rest of the words.  "/Ch/ arlie /ch/ ased /ch/ ickens /ch/ ewing /ch/ ocolate /ch/ unks." Great job!

5.     We are now going to practice writing our new /ch/ sound that we have learned!  Everyone take out a sheet of primary paper for us to practice on.  Let's start by writing the lowercase c.  Start like you are writing a little a.  Go up and touch the fence, then around and back up a little.  I will check to make sure everyone does it correctly, and when you have it correct, write it four more times.  The next letter is the lowercase h.  Start at the rooftop, come down, and hump over.  I will make sure that everyone is doing that correctly.  When I check that you are doing it correctly, write it four more times.  Once we have completed writing each letter separately, we will put the c and h together to practice writing our /ch/ sound.  We will write ch together five times.

6.     Students will then be able to identify if they hear /ch/ in different words.  Everyone put a thumbs up or down if they hear /ch/ in the following words:  fetched? Pushed? Catch? Touched? Trick? Flicked? Punch?  Great Job!

7.     Now we are going to read a story called Chips for the Chicks by Geri Murray.  Booktalk:  "There are two little kids that are able to play with chicks because they hatched.  One day their mom gives them some lunch.  Everything is going okay until the dog wants some.  Do you think that the dog will get any?  Our title says chips for the chicks.  Do you think that the chicks will end up with any?  We'll have to read to find out!"

8.     Every time you hear the /ch/ sound I want you to move your hands with the train track rolling motion that we did earlier. 


Students will have the Chuggin Choo Choo worksheet.  They will identify each word that have the /ch/ sound.  This will be their assessment to see if they can identify each different /ch/ sound in words.




Phonics worksheet:


Crum, Terri. Washing Machine Worries


Murray, Geri. Chips for the Chicks.

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