Expressions with Silly Iggy Pig’s


Growing Independence & Fluency Design

By: Jenny Rodriguez


Rationale: This lesson is to help growing independent readers read with more expression. Reading with expression helps students understand the story, helps personify the characters in the text, and also builds an attraction to the text. Students will read the text independently focusing on decoding, crosschecking, checking the grammar and punctuation around the sentences. The second time of reading the text students will read it out loud focusing on context and punctuation to help with understanding expression. These steps will help with comprehension and attraction of the text.

Materials: book “Iggy Pig’s Silly Day”, pencils, paper, rubric for paired reading, dice with expression,


Say: Today we are going to focus on becoming fluent readers. Our book that we are working with is Iggy Pig’s Silly day. Our first step is to read the text and decode words, so that we all have a general understanding of the text and mastery of the words. When I read through a text I always re-read my sentences if I did not decode the whole sentence correctly. For example with Iggy’s Silly day, “Who are yo?”  If my  word does not make sense I can crosscheck it with the rest of my sentence to see what works and is phonetically correct. “Who are yo…who are you?” Who are you makes sense in this part of the story.

After decoding difficult words we will discuss expression. Say: “Today we are working on expression. Expression is making it known what you are feeling. There are a lot of expressions. Some are excited, surprised, angry, or upset. People use expressions in everyday conversation. You have all expressed something before. We are going to work on expression in our text Iggy Pig’s Silly Day! I will model how I decode what my expression should be. Starting with page one, “Iggy Pig was skipping. Watch me skip, Mother Pig! Watch me skip!” I see an exclamation point after, watch me skip, mother pig, and it looks like Iggy is happy about the skipping, so I guess I should say this in an excited tone to express what Iggy is saying. Not all expression are going to be excited. To figure out other expressions we need to look at punctuations and understanding of the text to decode expressions on the book. For example when Iggy ask, “Who are you?” Iggy is not really excited, he does not know what is going on so he is curious to know.  I want you guys to work on this expression by paired reading.”

Students are going to split up in pairs picked out by the teacher and practice expression with each other. One student will read to page 10 then read those ten pages again to practice expression through repeated reading. Then they will switch and the next student will read pages 10 to 20. During this reading students will be completing this checklist to show if the students are keeping up with other fluency skills along with expression. Sense we are focusing on comprehension we need to understand what expressions are in the text.  It is best to read the whole story/chapter NOT a 1 minute reading.


Fluency assessment must check reading comprehension and expression. While students are checking each other’s repeated reading they should only use encouraging words and check marks. The students should put a check in the box if their partner shows that skill while reading. For example if the student reading has a lot of expression like a monkey on his 3rd reading they would keep the 2nd box blank and put a check in the 3rd box.

Another activity to help students construct more practice with expression is giving students a list of sentences and a cube with different expressions written on each side of the cube. Each student will roll the cube and read the sentence with the expression that cube lands heads up on.

Where did Iggy skip to in this story? Where could you skip too?

What sort of emotions did Iggy have throughout this story?


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