Goodwin Laboratory Pictures

Giganization.  How much larger do you need to make an enzyme to be able to hold it in your
hand?  Answer: About 5,400,000 times.  This is a 3D-printed version of KatG (solvent access-
ible surface).  A picture of approximately the same view of the enzyme is in the background.

Loewen Visit 1
Had the honor of hosting Professor Peter Loewen from the University of Manitoba March 19,
2015. It was a full day of stimulating discussion on all things KatG. From L to R: Haijun
"Diessel" Duan, Hui Xu, Doc, Olive Njuma, and Peter Loewen.

Goodwin Group circa January 2014
Post bocce photo-op circa January 2014. From L to R: Teddy Childers, Johayra Simithy, Rene
Fuanta, Lauren Barr, Olive Njuma, and Haijun "Diessel" Duan. You can see the ever-dreadful
Parker-Allison Halls in the background.  Lord have mercy, when are we going to finally tear
those buildings down?

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