Photo Archive

Dear former group members,

Here are some photos we know and love from the past.  The downside of research in academia is that people are always moving on to the next stage. 
Here's to you,  all the people who have been a part of the Goodwin Laboratory in years past.  I miss you and think of you often.  It is always
my hope that your time here will serve you well as you reach for greater and greater things.

Best Wishes,


Yu Wang, Carma Cook, and JaRyce Nabors pause for a moment to allow Doc to get some more
current photos of the group. 

stopped_flow forum
An impromtu stopped-flow discussion forum with Carma Cook, Robert Moore, and Yu Wang.

stadium at sunset
Doc catches some pretty good sunsets from his office window.
Here's one  with the stadium in the foreground.

Li on the Gulf Coast
Here's a Goodwin Lab Classic. 
Li strikes a "GQ" pose on the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast.  Li is wearing the latest
from the Walmart "starving graduate student" line.  All colors available, $10.95.

The Goodwin Group (6/28/04)
Here are the key players in the Goodwin lab as of 6/28/04.  Top Row (l to r):
Yongjiang Li, Carma Cook, Stephen Pehler, Neil Varnado.  Bottom Row (l to r):
Kim Laband, Rue Baker.

Neil, Kim, and Li
Neil, Kim, and Li.  All smiles!

At Rue's Poster
Rue standing at her poster at the American Chemical Society Meeting in New York.
Random balloons provided by the ACS (we think).

At Li's poster
Li at his poster at the New York ACS meeting.  Li is the only reason that we
have any pictures from the meeting.

NY from Empire State Bldg
A view of NYC from the Empire State Building.  Thanks Li!!

A thoughtful pose
Neil and Kim strike a thoughtful pose. . . We all know it's just a pose.

Rue Between Experiments
Rue takes a break between experiments for this photo-op.

Doc and Kris at SERMACS '01
In front of Kristen's poster at SERMACS, Savannah, Georgia.