Gregory J. Puleo


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Manuscripts Under Review

  1. Packing and covering directed triangles [arxiv]
    (with J. McDonald and C. Tennenhouse)
  2. Veto Interval Graphs and Variations
    (with B. Flesch, J. Kawana, J. D. Laison, D. Lapides, and S. Partlow)
  3. On the Triangle Clique Cover and K_t Clique Cover Problems [arxiv]
    (with H. Dau and O. Milenkovic)
  4. t-cores for (Δ+t)-edge-colouring [arxiv]
    (with J. McDonald)
  5. Online sum-Paintability: Slow-coloring of trees [arxiv]
    (with D. B. West)


  1. Edge-colouring planar graphs with precoloured edges [arxiv]
    (with J. Harrelson and J. McDonald)
    European Journal of Combinatorics, to appear
  2. Extension from precoloured sets of edges
    (with K. Edwards, A. Girão, J. van den Heuvel, Ross J. Kang, and J.-S. Sereni)
    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 25(3) (2018), Paper #P3.1
  3. Graphs with α₁ and τ₁ both large [arxiv]
    Graphs and Combinatorics 34 (2018), pp. 639–645
  4. The list chromatic index of simple graphs whose odd cycles intersect in at most one edge [arxiv]
    (with J. McDonald)
    Discrete Mathematics 341 (2018), pp. 713–722
  5. Paired threshold graphs
    (with V. Ravanmehr, S. Bolouki, and O. Milenkovic)
    Discrete Applied Mathematics, to appear
  6. Online paintability: The slow coloring game [arxiv]
    (with T. Mahoney and D. B. West)
    Discrete Mathematics 341 (2018), pp. 1084–1093
  7. Correlation clustering and biclustering with locally bounded errors [arxiv]
    (with O. Milenkovic)
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 64 (2018), pp. 4105–4119
  8. Codes for DNA Storage Channels [arxiv]
    (with H. M. Kiah and O. Milenkovic)
    Information Theory Workshop (ITW), 2015
  9. Computing similarity distances between rankings [arxiv]
    (with F. Farnoud, L. Su, and O. Milenkovic)
    Discrete Applied Mathematics 232 (2017), pp. 157–175
  10. Maximal k-edge-colorable subgraphs, Vizing's Theorem, and Tuza's Conjecture [arxiv]
    Discrete Mathematics 340 (2017), pp. 1573–1580
  11. On (4,2)-choosable graphs [arxiv]
    (with J. Meng and X. Zhu)
    Journal of Graph Theory 85 (2017), pp. 412–428
  12. Codes for DNA Sequence Profiles
    (with Han Mao Kiah and Olgica Milenkovic)
    IEEE Trans. Information Theory 62 (2016), pp. 3125–3146
  13. A new correlation clustering method for cancer mutation analysis
    (with Jack P. Hou, Amin Emad, Jian Ma, and Olgica Milenkovic)
    Bioinformatics 32 (2016), pp. 3717–3728
  14. Complexity of a disjoint matching problem on bipartite graphs [arxiv]
    Information Processing Letters 116 (2016), pp. 649–652
  15. Correlation clustering with constrained cluster sizes and extended weights bounds [arxiv]
    (with O. Milenkovic)
    SIAM Journal of Optimization 25 (2015), pp. 1857–1872
  16. Extremal aspects of the Erdős–Gallai–Tuza Conjecture [arxiv]
    Discrete Mathematics 338 (2015), pp. 1394–1397
  17. On a conjecture of Erdős, Gallai, and Tuza [arxiv]
    Journal of Graph Theory 80 (2015), pp. 12–17
  18. Tuza's conjecture for graphs of maximum average degree less than 7 [arxiv]
    European Journal of Combinatorics 49 (2015), pp. 134–152
  19. Sum-paintability of generalized theta graphs
    (with J. Carraher, T. Mahoney, and D. B. West)
    Graphs and Combinatorics 31 (2015), pp. 1325–1334
  20. Environmental evolutionary graph theory [arxiv]
    (with W. Maciejewski)
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 360 (2014), pp. 117–128
  21. Three topics in online list coloring
    (with J. Carraher, S. Loeb, T. Mahoney, M. Tsai, and D. B. West)
    Journal of Combinatorics 5 (2014), pp. 115–130
  22. Spanning paths in Fibonacci-sum graphs
    (with K. Fox, W. B. Kinnersley, D. McDonald, and N. Orlow)
    Fibonacci Quarterly 52 (2014), pp. 46–49
  23. Chain-making games in grid-like posets [arxiv]
    (with D. Cranston, W.B. Kinnersley, and D. B. West)
    Journal of Combinatorics 3 (2012), pp. 633–649
  24. Revolutionaries and spies: Spy-good and spy-bad graphs [arxiv]
    (with J.V. Butterfield, D. Cranston, D. B. West, and R. Zamani)
    Theoretical Computer Science 463 (2012), pp. 35–53