Laboratory of Sports Medicine and Movement Program of Prevention and Performance Enhancement

The Sports Medicine and Movement Laboratory is involved in outreach through Dr. Oliver’s program of Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement. The Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement program assess youth mechanics and postural abnormalities as well as provide injury prevention programs to correct those abnormalities.

Through Dr. Oliver’s research efforts and training, she has come to recognize deficits in performance that can lead to injury.  Further, since Dr. Oliver’s current research agenda is based on injury prevention of youth, the Sports Medicine and Movement Laboratory examines youth who present these deficits. As a result, the program often provides strengthening, stretching and/or performance feedback to participants who may be in increased risk of injury without this feedback.

As an ATC, Dr. Oliver has injury prevention knowledge as well as the injury assessment skills. With her research background in youth sports, she is able to provide evidence based prevention protocols. The impact of this program continues to grow.



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