Chapter 8, Slide B - Hearing Impairment

B. Functional description of hearing loss

  1. Hard of hearing: Uses hearing as main means for spoken communication, but may need amplification and special training.
  2. Deaf: Cannot use hearing as main means for communication. May get limited benefit from hearing aid. Must learn lip reading or manual communication to supplement the communication process.

C. Degree of hearing loss

  1. Mild: Can hear normal spoken communication, but must attend carefully and may miss part of what is being said. May or may not use amplification.
  2. Moderate: Requires amplification and lip reading to communicate effectively.
  3. Severe: Requires amplification, lip reading, and may need alternative communication system. (such as manual communication)
  4. Profound: No usable hearing. Unusual, as most "deaf" persons have some residual hearing.