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This is currently the coordinating home page for student projects in Auburn University's Fall, 1998, English 353, taught by Jeremy M. Downes. Each of the links below explores an under-read text in British literature, provides some useful cultural and historical background, and suggests titles and links for further research. Right now the texts suggest certain aspects of religious thought from the time of the Anglo-Saxons to the English Civil War in English history and literature. Throughout the site, we have tried to ensure full and appropriate citations for all quoted material and images not in the public domain. Since this is an experimental project for this particular literary survey course, the site administrator welcomes your comments and constructive criticism. Student portions of the site have now been taken offline. Contact the site administrator for details.
Anglo-Saxon Riddle #26
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Circa 980
Leigh Casey 
and George Edema
A Salutation to Jesus

Richard Rolle

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Circa 1350
Danon Lucas
Adam Lay Ybounden
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Circa 1440
Danny Madison 
and Christa Simpson
Psalm 14

Elizabeth I

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Circa 1575
Stacy Slone 
and Phillip Spencer
The Burning Babe

Robert Southwell

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Circa 1590
Lyndsey Turner 
and Jill Weeks
A Fiery Flying Roll

Abiezer Coppe

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Chris Welsh 
and Josh Wolff
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