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This is a new resource list I am compiling as the semester progresses. If you find something you think should be added, please email me a link.

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Videos and Sites of Interest for Discussion

Animal Rights/ALF/PETA

Apologia Commercials/Resources

Black Lives Matter

Brazilian WWF 9/11 Tsunami Ad:

Business Scenarios:

Bystander Effect (AKA the Genovese Effect)

Chinese Drywall

Cigarette Advertising

Defining Death

Direct-To-Consumer-Advertising (DTCA)


Edward Snowden/Privacy

Ford Pinto

Guns in Schools


Male Entitlement

Malaysia Flight 370 Text Message

Nazi Medical Experimentation (link to Holocaust Museum footage):


Plain Language


Shock Advertising

TED Talks

Tuskegee Syphilis:

Yucca Mountain

Ethics cases and scenario lists

Codes of ethics