Infinity Operating System is like
windows for the TI-83

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Infinity OS, or just iOS, is intended to be the best looking and most useful graphical user interface for the TI-83. iOS is currently just an operating system that does not support any existing TI-83 applications. Supporting existing apps is not an easy task, because iOS is designed to run apps in windows. Most applications run on the TI-83 home screen only.

Take a look at the screen shots below, and let me know what you think. The screen shots come from the latest version of iOS, Beta 9.0.

Thank you,

Gerrit DeWitt

Author of iOS

About iOS dialog
The about dialog shows version, copyright, and memory information. The progress bar shows how much RAM is being used at any given time by iOS.
Settings window
iOS lets you enable or disable the timed-shutdown feature that a TI-83 already has. Currently, the power manager can only be on or off within iOS; when it is on, the TI-83 shuts down in three to four minutes if idle. (The shutdown time may vary depending upon battery power available.)
Open dialog
The open dialog has been recently rewritten. Currently, iOS supports a limited number of apps that are written for it. This is a challenge. It would be nice if any app would run from iOS, but this would require the user to edit a settings file (in the form of a TI-83 program).
The desktop looks just about like a computer. There is a menu bar on top and a mouse. The menus work just like computer menus. Clicking the close box to the right will exit iOS. The menus contain the following commands:
File: Open...
Edit: Settings...
Special: Quit iOS and Shut Down
Help: About iOS...



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