Orchid, Yellow Fringed  (Platanthera ciliaris)

From Late July through September the Yellow Fringed Orchid (sometimes called Orange Fringed Orchid) can be found in roadside ditches, bogs, woods and fields. It thrives equally well in partial shade or full sun and is one of our most striking native orchids, easily recognized by its broad apricot head of fringed-lipped flowers.

The plant has a sturdy, erect stem, sheathed in its lower third by several long, narrow, green leaves which dwindle into bracts along the upper part of the stem. The roots are fleshy, tuberous and tapering, and radiate from the base of the stem.

After one flowering season, the plant seems to rest by sending up only a few leaves the next season. The floral head is a compact raceme with little fringed petals and long spurs poking out at all angles.