Buzz Buzz says the BumbleBee





       Emergent Literacy Design

                                                       Casey Piper


Rationale: To learn to read and spell words, children need the alphabetic insight that letters stand for phonemes and spelling map out the phonemes in spoken words. Before children can match letters to phonemes, they have to recognize phonemes in spoken word contexts. There are many consonants that children have to learn. This lesson will help children identify /b/. It often gets confused with /d/ so we are going to focus on /b/ to make sure a child can tell the difference between the two. They will recognize /b/ in spoken words, practice writing the letter /b/ in letter form, and then practice finding /b/ in written words.

Materials: Primary paper, Pencil, Picture of a bumblebee, Printed words on card (bumble, bee, bubble, blue, umbrella, basket, tremble, buzz, Bestsy), Tongue Tickler printed on Chart  ("Betsy the bumble bee buzzed into the blue basket") White copy paper, Markers, Assessment Worksheet- Pictures with and without /b/ sound items,  Book: Buzzy the Bumblebee by Denise Brennan-Nelson

Introduction, Activities, and Procedure:

"Today we are going to learn how to recognize the /b/ sound. Let's review how to write the letter.  Give out primary paper and pencils. Everyone start at the rooftop and make a straight line all the way to the sidewalk. Pick up your pencil and start at the fence and make a circle and connect it with the line at the sidewalk. Let's practice this a few times on the paper I have provided."

 "Now that we can write the letter listen to me say "buzz buzz bumble bee." Now your turn.  Repeat after me, buzz buzz bumblebee. What do all these words have in common? That's right, the sound /b/. Today we are going to focus on learning the /b/ sound. Let's make the sound together."

"Let's look at the tongue twister. Show the students the chart with the tongue twister and have the class say all together.  Betsy the bumble bee buzzed into the blue basket. Repeat. Finally, let's say it together and drag out the /b/ sound. "

"Lets look at some more words with the /b/ sound. Show the students the note cards. Practice saying the words together, finding the /b/ sound in each word. For example, the first cards has bumble on it. Say bumble together. Bumble. Do you hear /b/ in bumble? I hear /b/ more than once: bum-ble. Continue with the rest of the cards."

"Now lets see if you can detect the /b/ sound in a few spoken words. Do you hear the /b/ sound in BLUE or red, small or BIG, BALL or cone, BANK or dime."

"Next, I am going to read Buzzy the BumbleBee by Denise Brennan-Nelson. Booktalk: Sitting in a beautiful garden, high atop a flower, the impressionable Buzzy reads in the book, Learn to Fly, the very true fact that, "Bumblebees weren't made to fly." He reads again, "Bumblebees weren't made to fly." "Stranded on top of a flower Buzzy longed to fly away. His heart still knew how but his head had forgotten the way." The adventure that ensues challenges Buzzy to overcome obstacles without his wings that he had never before thought possible. Do you think he will learn to fly? Let's keep reading to find out!"

"Now that we have read our book once, let's read our book again and detect the /b/ sound. When I read the book, give me a thumbs up when you hear the sound /b/.  Reread the book."

"For further practice, we will draw four different items that begin with the /b/ sound. At least one must not be from the book and at least one must be thought up by themselves."


To assess the students, give the students worksheet which contain pictures of items that do and do not begin with the /b/ sound. Have the student color all the items that begin with the /b/ sound. Example of pictures on the assessment worksheet could include bee, ball, watch, purse, bank, sun, bat, and hat.


Casey Walker- Buzzing Bumble Bees:

Book Reference: Brennan-Nelson, Denise. Buzzy the Bumblebee. Chelsea, MI: Sleeping Bear Press, 2003. ISBN: 1886947821

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