The Doctor says "Say Aahhhhhh"

Casey Gaines


Beginning Reading: In order for beginning readers to become successful they need to grasp the concept of vowel correspondences. The objective of this lesson is to help the student identify the phoneme /o/=o.  Students will learn to recognize /o/ in spoken words by a picture representation of a person opening their mouth like at the doctor's office, "the doctor says to say Aahhhhh". We will practice short o in a letter box lesson and practice finding /o/ words in written text.  Students will read decodable books focusing on the short o correspondence. 


·        Letterboxes

·        Set of letters for the child.(s, o, h, p, m, l, g, a, t, I, n, r, d)

·        Cards with words on them that make the short /o/ sound

·        Cover up critter

·        Tongue Tickler sheet

·        Coloring book and markers (for reward for finishing the lesson)

·         "Olive the Octopus' day of Juggling"

·         Worksheet with the words (shop, mop, log, hat tin, red, lost, trot)


·        "Each letter in the alphabet makes a different sound.  If you remember that we have learned what sound /a/, /e/, and /i/ make.  Can someone tell me what /a/ sounds like? Good! "aaaaaaaa".  Now what /e/ sounds like? Right! /e/ says "ehhhh" like a creaky door.  Last let's hear what the /i/ sound makes…think of icky sticky hands.  Great job! "iiiiiiiicky". Now for  today we are going to work on what sound the short o makes"

·        I will show the student a picture of the person with their mouth open, and ask the student to make the sound with their mouth that the doctor asks you to make when he says "Open wide and say aahhhhhhh".  "Do you hear the /o/ sound?" I will let the child recognize that when they say the short /o/ sound that their mouth makes the "o" shape.  I will show them the shape of my mouth and then ask them all to practice making the o shape with their mouths.

·        I will write the letter /o/ on the board and tell them that we spell "ahhhh" with the letter "o".  Now listen to our tongue twister and see if you can here the sound that /o/ makes in "Oliver the octopus loves October".  Now lets read it together…Oliver the Octopus loves October" Good Job! "Let's go through it again and mark which letters make the /o/ sound.  Then I will read the sentence slowly, dragging out the sounds that the students have marked.  Then I will ask the student to practice "ahhhh-liver the ahhhh-topus loves ahhhh-ctober".

·        I will hand the student a stack of cards to read aloud to me with the words: shop, mop, log, hat tin, red, lost, trot  on them and I will have the student read them aloud to me.  As the student misses a word I will make a note and have them practice that word for our letterbox lesson. I will model how I make the /o/ sound with my mouth, having it open and making the sound.  And then I will take the word "log" and sound it out "lllll, ahhhhhh, ggggggguuh" to let myself know that I will need 3 boxes and then I will find the letters that make those sounds and put them in the right order, and then  I will blend them all together "llllaahhhhgggggguuh" "log". I will tell the student "remember the shape your mouth makes when you make the "ahhhhh" sound is the same shape as the letter on the paper", then I will have the student separate the word into its phonemes and put them in the correct boxes.  After they have the letters in the boxes I will have them blend the phonemes together to sound out the short o word.

·        Sample practiceà I am going to hold up a word card and the students are going to give me a "aahhhhhh" if they see the short /o/ in the word.  

·        We are going to practice recognizing our short /o/ now by reading the book " Olive the Octopus' day of Juggling".  Booktalk: Olive is an Octopus who wants to be a juggler….lets read more to find out what she has to go through during the day in order to become a juggler".


        The students will complete a worksheet where they will be given various words with the /o/ in them and they will be asked to circle the "aahhhhhhh" /o/ that they find in each word.



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