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Let me introduce myself. I am currently working for Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System as an Aquaculture Specialist. My job entails bringing research based information to fish farmers and the public. As a specialist I work primarily with catfish producers, recreational pond owners and people growing fish in cages. So if you have questions about fish ponds or growing fish feel free to contact me.

As far as personal stuff I am married and have a beautiful new (7/15/02) baby boy Michael David. I am an amateur photographer primarily interested in nature photography. You can see some of my work in the areas of Animals and Nature or People and Places. I am originally from New York but now consider Alabama Home as I have been here for nearly 10 years.


Class Journal

January 27
I was a little disheartened by what the researchers noted in the readings that hypermedia is not living up to its press but that just leaves it up to us to make it more functional and useable. We got started using dreamweaver and began work on our banner page. Dreamweaver is user friendly as you can see my banner page.
February 10
Last week I experienced a new program called Inspiration that could prove very useful in developing classroom material. We used the program to prepare a comparison of OELEs, Webquests and web scavenger hunts. Tonight we discussed the very complex issues of copyrights and plagiarism. I am not sure we answered many of our question as each example discussed spawned more questions. We did, however, examine some multimedia guidelines that will be helpful in the creation of future web sites and web quests. We also worked in groups to create a web site evaluation form. I think our group did a great job.
February 24
This week we begin working on our web quest project. Evaluating other web quests provided some good ideas for our project. Our group (Me, Hillary Tidwell, John Campbell, and Chris Kennedy) decided to develop a web quest in which the users will learn about and develop a plan to put an aquarium system together. Developing the process section of the web quest was quite a challenge.
March 10
Wow! There is a lot about copyrights that I did not know. I guess most of us have infringed on someone's copyright at one time or another.
March 24
Spring Break. No Class what a deal.
April 7
Spent class time working on our final project. The web quest is called Something Fishy and is designed for 9-10 grade students. I requires the students to put together and aquarium ecosystem.
April 21
AERA workshop - No class meeting but we came anyway and continued working on the Something Fishy Web Quest.
May 5
Final class meeting, we will be handing our web quest on paper as well as making sure that is up and running on line.


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