Carla C. Stout


I am a PhD candidate in Dr. Jon Armbruster’s lab at Auburn University, AL. I am primarily interested in using new phylogenomic techniques to infer the evolutionary relationships of Cypriniformes (minnows, loaches, carps, suckers, etc.), but I also study population genetics, geometric morphometrics, and phylogenetics of North American freshwater fishes.

In a former lab I studied sea slug evolutionary relationships, focusing on the genus Dendronotus. I named a new species, Dendronotus noahi, after my amazing nephew, Noah D. Silva.


Research Interests

These images are all from our Cameroon, Africa December 2011 collecting expedition.

Left: floating down the Mie River with a bucket of fishes

Right: Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon; Eco-guide; ferry crossing; flower

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