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Boston's Lockdown Economy

Huffpost Live- April 22, 2013


Money Radio

Money Radio- June 7, 2012


JPMorgan's challenges and lessons to be learnt

Dialogue, CCTV News- May 28, 2012


We Need Regulators Who Do Their Jobs

New York Times, Room for Debate- May 27, 2012


Did Bank Regulators Miss J.P. Morgan's Risky Behavior?

U.S.News Debate Club


J.P. Morgan Chase: Still another regulatory failure?

Crain's Chicago Business- May 18, 2012



Failures of Financial Regulators Explained by Former Reagan

TYT Network- May 15, 2012


National Public Radio

National Public Radio- May 14, 2012



Big Bank CEOs Haggle, Bicker Against New Regulations

Yahoo! Finance Daily Ticker- May 7, 2012



Let's Make Financial Regulators Work For Us April 5, 2012



It's better to rent than to foreclose (with Peter Passell)

Wall Street Journal- April 3, 2012



'Too Big to Fail': Breaking Up Big Banks Is NOT the Answer, Former Regulator Says

Yahoo! Finance Daily Ticker- March 26, 2012



How Wells Fargo Breaks Economic Crisis

CCTV Biz Asia America- March 24, 2012



Levine and Barth Discuss "Guardians of Finance" Book (Audio)

Bloomberg- March 14, 2012


Private Finance is Needed to Fix U.S. Housing March 1, 2012



Interview James Barth on US PMI

CCTV News Hour- March 1, 2012




CCTV News Hour- January 23, 2012


James R. Barth at the Milken Institute Global Conference 2010


Discussion of regulatory reform and the role of the Fed

Milken Institute - July 8, 2009


Waiting for a silver lining

Russia Today- June 2, 2009