Reptiles are shapes which can be dissected into copies of themselves. Each piece of the dissection is similar to the original reptile, and all of the pieces are congruent to each other. They may, however, be turned around.

Here is an example of a reptile and its dissection into four identical pieces.

The red, green, yellow, and brown pieces that make up the bottom figure are each the same shape as the top piece. Together they fit exactly inside the top green shape.

Here are some Reptile puzzles. Each of these shapes can also be divided into copies of itself.


1. Each of these reptiles can also be divided into exactly four pieces.

2. If you have trouble dividing a reptile, try to build one instead. Cut out four pieces of paper the same shape as the reptile and try to put them together to make a larger similar shape. Once you have done that, you have the solution to the problem.


You might also want to try a harder problem. Divide A into 9 similar pieces.