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Nick Backscheider's URL List

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Indexes and Search Tools Journals and Other Publications
Education Technical References
Course Examples and Resources General Interest, Reference, Issues
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Indexes and Search Tools

Journals and Other Publications


  • Beyond Bookmarks Schemes for Organizing the Web

    Technical References

    Course Examples and Resources


  • The Mad Scientist Network, provided by Washington University at St. Louis
  • New Scientist selected stories from the current issue of NewScientist; a site of the day; annotated pointers to science sites; selectedreviews Medical School, is a Web based "ask a scientist" forum.
  • Science for the Millenium NCSA; multimedia
  • Science & Technology Links
  • ExplorationsCornell Theory Center; re ongoing scientific research. group
  • Galileo Project: Information about the Galileo Probe
  • The Space, Planetary, & Astronomical Cyber-Experience (SPACE)
  • Night of the Comet
  • JPL Hyakutake Home Page
  • Photographs of the surface of Pluto
  • Pilot projects for human genome diversity
  • Microscopy
  • The MIT Biology Hypertextbook Home Page
  • BioTech1 APRIL 1996
  • Botanic Home Page: University of Delaware
  • Neuroscience-Net published by Scientific Design and Information, Inc.
  • Internet Chemistry Resources
  • Molecular Biotechnology Purdue University
  • The Chemical Industry Home Page provides relevant information about various elements of the chemistry industry.
  • Chemical Separations (University of Akron): Syllabus, Topics, Animations associated with course
  • Computational Science Education Project [CSEP]: Courses, mostly presented in electronic book format. Includes survey of CS tools (e.g. networks), selected methods (e.g. ODE, Random number generation), case studies (e.g. ocean models, chaos from non-linear mappings). chapters are rated elementary, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Trees of the Pacific Northwest: Tree Identification Page (Oregon State)
  • Earthquake History
  • Nevada Seismological Labratory
  • Caltech Seismological Laboratory
  • Exercises in Math Readin for University Study
  • Virtual Reality Polyhedra
  • The Integrator (Integrals)
  • Graph Theory Tutorials: Nicely done. Includes quizzes at the end of each lesson with feedback to the student.
  • Online math courses Lois Patterson
  • MTH 761: Teaching Lower Division Mathematics Central Michigan University
  • MegaMathematics is an attempt to make the ideas of mathematics accessible to elementary school children. Los Alamos.
  • The Mathematice Archives UT Knoxville
  • The Geometry Forum Swarthmore
  • The Geometry Center Interactive Web Applications
  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education
  • Penn State Includes animated graphics for Calculus
  • WWW Virtual Library (Mathematics) FSU
  • MathSearch University of Sydney
  • History of Mathematics St. Andrews University, Scotland
  • Virtual Library (Statistics)
  • Seafloor
  • Internet Pilot to Physics(TIPTOP)

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