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GIS Data

USGS Geo Data
1990 Census Lookup (1.1.0c)
Census 1990 - Table Matric Outlines
ILR - Available GIS Data
Index for National Wetlands Inventory of Oklahoma Area
U. S. Bureau of the Census Home Page
U.S. Bureau of the Census TIGER Mapping
USGS Data Depository
USGS - Data Site for Downloading
Xerox Data Project
1_DGR_DEM Information

GIS Information

Metadata Information
NSDI MetaData and WWW Mapping Sites
NCGIA Technical Report List
Spatial Information Science and Engineering
Environmental Sciences GIS Page
Geographic Information
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) WWW Resource List
GIS and GIS-Related Net Sites
GIS Home Page
GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
GIS World, Inc.
GIS World, Inc. Book Catalog
Government Sites
GRASS info
Other WWW GIS servers
North Carolina Geographic Data Clearinghouse - NC CGIA
REGIS: Environmental Planning GIS at Berkeley
The World Wide Web of GIS
UCGIS Opening Page
United States Geological Survey Home Page

GIS Vendors and Software

Brief Description of ENV GIS-type software
ESRI - Home of The GIS People
Intergraph International Online
M.Sc in GIS: Software and Systems Materials
Strategic Mapping Inc. Main Page

Remote Sensing Pages

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center
Boston University Center for Remote Sensing
Digital Image Analysis Lab Publications
Erdas Home Page
ERIM Home Page
ERIM - Related Links
PK - Remote sensing - Index of WWW resources
Public Use of Remote Sensing Data
Remote Sensing and GIS Information
Remote Sensing Links
Remote Sensing Sites
Research Projects
RSIP-LSU Home Page
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Remote Sensing
The WWW Virtual Library: Remote Sensing: What's New
The WWW Virtual Library: Remote Sensing: Organizations
The WWW Virtual Library: Remote Sensing: Other Information

October 1, 1995