AUSIAC Introduction

The Auburn University Spatial Information and Analysis Consortium (AUSIAC) is a network of researchers using spatial information systems. We have taken a broad interpretation of spatial information systems and feel that many technologies including, but not limited to, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, image processing, global positioning systems (GPS), expert systems, neural networking, modeling systems, automated cartography, spatial statistics, environmental resources analysis, and computer graphics should be considered within the consortium if they involve spatial data.

The general field of spatial information analysis has experienced, and will continue to experience, a rapid increase in the availability of data and tools to analyze these data. Most researchers involved with spatial information and analysis quickly realize the benefits of communicating with others of similar interests. Researchers at Auburn University decided one way to stimulate discussion and exchange was to create a consortium.

The preliminary goals of AUSIAC are to: initiate communication between users, inventory campus-wide spatial information and analysis facilities and capabilities, search for strengths and abilities, and initiate ideas and avenues for further spatial information and analysis development. It is hoped that AUSIAC will help to enhance the research and educational activities of researchers here at Auburn University.

If you have skills and interests related to spatial information and analysis and would like to become a member of AUSIAC, please contact Mark MacKenzie (, 334-844-1014)

Updated Friday, September 28, 2001