Table of Contents

Volume 1 - The Divine Plan of the Ages

Title, Dedication, and Foreword

Study I - Earth's Night Of Sin To Terminate In A Morning Of Joy -- A Night of Weeping and a Morning of Joy -- Two Methods of Seeking Truth -- The Method Herein Pursued -- Scope of the Work -- A Difference Between the Reverent Study of the Scriptures and the Dangerous Habit of Speculation -- The Object of Prophecy -- The Present Religious Condition of the World Viewed from Two Standpoints -- Egyptian Darkness -- A Bow of Promise -- The Path of the Just Progressive -- Cause of the Great Apostasy -- The Reformation -- The Same Cause Again Hinders Real Progress -- Perfection of Knowledge Not a Thing of the Past, but of the Future.

Study II - The Existence Of A Supreme Intelligent Creator Established -- Evidence Aside from the Bible, Examined in the Light of Reason--An Untenable Theory--A Reasonable Theory--The Character of God Demonstrated --Reasonable Deductions.

Study III - The Bible As A Divine Revelation Viewed In The Light Of Reason -- The Claims of the Bible and its Surface Evidence of Credibility--Its Antiquity and Preservation--Its Moral Influence--Motives of the Writers--General Character of the Writings--The Books of Moses-- The Law of Moses--Peculiarities of the Government Instituted by Moses--It was not a System of Priestcraft--Instructions to Civil Rulers--Rich and Poor on a Common Level Before the Law--Safeguards Against Tampering With the Rights of the People--The Priesthood Not a Favored Class, How Supported, etc.--Oppression of Foreigners, Widows, Orphans and Servants Guarded Against--The Prophets of the Bible--Is There a Common Bond of Union Between the Law, the Prophets and the New Testament Writers?--Miracles Not Unreasonable--The Reasonable Conclusion.

Study IV - The Epochs And Dispensations Marked In The Development Of The Divine Plan -- God's Plan Definite and Systematic--Three Great Epochs of the World's History--Their Distinctive Features--"The Earth Abideth Forever"-- The World to Come, the New Heavens and Earth--Subdivisions of These Great Epochs--The Important Features of God's Plan thus Brought to View--Order Recognized Discloses Harmony--Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.

Study V - "The Mystery Hid From Ages And From Generations, But Now Made Manifest To His Saints" -- Col. 1:26 -- The Glimmering Light of the First Promise--The Promise to Abraham-- Hope Deferred--The Mystery Begins to Unravel at Pentecost--What the Mystery Is--Why So Long Kept a Mystery--Still a Mystery to the World--In Due Time to be Made Manifest to All--When the Mystery Will be Finished.

Study VI - Our Lord's Return -- Its Object, The Restitution Of All Things -- Our Lord's Second Advent Personal and Pre-Millennial--Its Relationship to the First Advent--The Selection of the Church and the Conversion of the World--Election and Free Grace--Prisoners of Hope-- Prophetic Testimony regarding Restitution--Our Lord's Return Manifestly the Hope of the Church and the World.

Study VII - The Permission Of Evil And Its Relation To God's Plan -- Why Evil was Permitted--Right and Wrong as Principles--The Moral Sense--God Permitted Evil, and will Overrule it for Good--God not the Author of Sin--Adam's Trial not a Farce--His Temptation Severe --He Sinned Wilfully--The Penalty of Sin not Unjust, nor Too Severe--The Wisdom, Love and Justice Displayed in Condemning All in Adam--God's Law Universal.

Study VIII - The Day Of Judgment -- The General View of the Day of Judgment--Is it Scriptural?--The Terms, Judgment and Day, Defined--Several Judgment Days Referred to in the Scriptures--The First Judgment Day and its Results--Another Appointed --The Judge--The Character of the Coming Judgment--Similarity and Dissimilarity of the First and Second Judgments--The World's Present Accountability--Two Intervening Judgments and Their Objects--Widely Different Estimates of the Coming Judgment-- How Prophets and Apostles Viewed it.

Study IX - Ransom And Restitution -- The Restitution Guaranteed by the Ransom--Not Everlasting Life, but a Trial for it, Secured by the Ransom--The Conditions and Advantages of the Trial--Christ's Sacrifice Necessary--How the Race Could be and was Redeemed by the Death of One--Faith and Works Still Necessary --The Wages of Wilful Sin Certain--Will there be Room on the Earth for the Resurrected Millions?--Restitution versus Evolution.

Study X - Spiritual And Human Natures Separate And Distinct -- Common Misapprehensions--Earthly or Human and Heavenly or Spiritual Natures--Earthly Glory and Heavenly Glory--Bible Testimony Regarding Spirit Beings--Mortality and Immortality--Can Mortal Beings Have Everlasting Life?--Justice in the Bestowment of Favors-- A Supposed Principle Examined--Variety in Perfection--God's Sovereign Rights--God's Provisions for Man a Satisfying Portion--The Election of the Body of Christ--How their Change of Nature is Effected.

Study XI - The Three Ways -- The Broad Way, The Narrow Way, The Highway -- The Broad Road to Destruction--The Narrow Way to Life--What is Life?--The Divine Nature--The Relationship of the Divine and Human Natures--The Reward at the End of the Narrow Way--The High Calling Limited to the Gospel Age--Difficulties and Dangers of the Narrow Way--The Highway of Holiness.

Study XII - Explanation Of Chart Representing The Plan Of The Ages -- The Ages--The Harvests--Planes of Actual and Reckoned Standing--The Course of our Lord Jesus--The Course of His Followers--Three Classes in the Nominal Church--Separation in the Harvest--The Anointed Class Glorified--The Great Tribulation Class--The Tares Burned-- The World Blessed--The Outcome Glorious.

Study XIII - The Kingdoms Of This World -- The First Dominion--Its Forfeiture--Its Redemption and Restoration-- The Typical Kingdom of God--The Usurper--Two Phases of the Present Dominion--The Powers that be, Ordained of God--Nebuchadnezzar's View of Them--Daniel's View and Interpretation--The Kingdoms of this World viewed from another Standpoint--The Proper Relationship of the Church to Present Governments--The Divine Right of Kings Briefly Examined--Claims of Christendom False--A Better Hope in the Fifth Universal Empire.

Study XIV - The Kingdom Of God -- Prominence of the Subject--The Character of the Kingdom--The Kingdom During the Gospel Age--False Views Corrected by Paul--Results of False Ideas of the Kingdom--Two Phases of the Kingdom of God-- The Spiritual Phase and its Work--The Earthly Phase and its Work-- Their Harmonious Operation--The Glory of the Earthly Phase--The Glory of the Heavenly Phase--The Covenant Root from which These Branches Grow--The Earthly Phase of the Kingdom, Israelitish--The Lost Tribes--The Heavenly Jerusalem--Israel a Typical People--Israel's Loss and Recovery--The Elect Classes--The Heirs of the Kingdom --The Iron Rule--An Illustration of the Object of the Millennial Reign--The Kingdom Delivered to the Father--God's Original Design Fully Accomplished.

Study XV - The Day Of Jehovah -- The "Day of Jehovah," the "Day of Vengeance," the "Day of Wrath"--A Time of Great Trouble--Its Cause--The Bible's Testimony Regarding it--Its Fire and Storm, Its Shaking and Melting, Shown to be Symbolic --David's Testimony--The Revelator's Testimony--The Present Situation and the Future Outlook as Viewed by the Opposing Parties, Capitalists and Wage-Workers--A Remedy Which Will Not Succeed-- The Veil Lifted and Light Admitted Just in Due Time--The Proof of This--The Condition of the Saints During the Trouble, and Their Proper Attitude Toward It.

Study XVI - Concluding Thoughts -- Our Duty Toward the Truth--Its Cost, Its Value, Its Profit.

  • Attachment - Chart of the Ages