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  1. What should a Minister wear when visiting at the hospital, a nursing home, or performing other public ministries?

  2. What do you feel is the most appropriate attire for a Minister to wear when conducting a worship service?

  3. Do you believe that a person should serve for a specified length of time as an apprentice before being ordained as a Minister?

  4. Do you believe that a person should have a degree from a Seminary or Bible College in order to be ordained as a Minister?

Some Results

(the following answers are from some of our previous surveys and polls)

From the Survey of "What is the Criterion for Being a Christian?" are the following results.

  1. From Mark M. Mattison's article What is a Christian? --- "A Christian is a disciple, a follower of Christ, a spiritual brother or sister to others - one who strives to be like Jesus, regardless of denominational background or creedal preference."

  2. From Eddie, a Quaker --- "There is goodness in every person and we are all God's children."

  3. From Anonymous ---"One who has responded to the Spirit's urging and is in Christ and who is walking in the Light as it is revealed."

  4. From Daniel L. Beatty, an Apostolic Pentecostal ---
    1. Baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins
    2. Be filled with the Holy Ghost with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterence
    3. Faith that God is and is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him
    4. Follow after God's desires to the best of one's abilities by the enabling power of the Holy Ghost"

  5. From Bob Cope, a Christian Universalist --- Belief in the salvation of all in his creation by the grace of God the Father through the Faith of God the Son who became sin for us and shed his blood for the remission of all sin for all time. It was a once for all sacrifice.

  6. From M. Baldwin, a Full Gospel Believer --- A relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirt

  7. From Greg Ferens, a Baptist ---
    • recognition of true state
    • repentance (wanting forgiveness)
    • reaching out to God/Jesus who wants to forgive
    • receiving God's gift (forgiveness)
    • remaining in relationship with the Savior

  8. From Ron Wright, a Christian --- A christian is someone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation.

  9. From Linda Russ, New Creation Ministries --- Accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I believe that Jesus died for all mankind and that God has reconciled all through Christ.

  10. From Geoff Mackey, an Episcopalian (but ordained by ULC) --- All who believe and are baptized shall see the Lord's salvation.

  11. From Nancy, an RPC Christian Born Again --- One receiving Jesus Christ as his personal savior and practicing his words according to the Bible.

  12. From Rev. Dr. James W. Clifton, an Evangelical Protestant --- A Christian is one who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, the Fatherhood of God, obeying Holy Scripture in matters of Faith and Practice and in Biblical morality.

  13. From B. Augustyn, an Episcopalian --- Believing in and following Jesus the Christ. Loving God and neighbor, as Jesus taught.

  14. From a Baptist --- You become a Christian when you come to the saving knowledge of who Christ is and what he has done far you,salvation comes not as a result of what we do,but what God has already done far us though his son Jesus Christ.

  15. From a Baptist --- Receiving Christ as Savior and allowing Him to grow you as a Christian.

  16. From Jose --- A Christian is a person who has accepted Jesus Christ as his or her saviour and Lord, and strives to be Christ-like in everyday life.

  17. From Glen Overstreet, Non-denominational --- Trusting in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Believing in your heart that God raised Him from the dead and confessing Him as Lord with your mouth.

  18. From Bill McGinnis, Non-denominational --- I would define "a Christian" as anyone who meets the conditions of Romans 10:9 . . .

    "because, if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9 RSV

    These two things are the essence of "the faith" which the apostles talked about ( search the NT on "the faith," and see what you get!). This definition clearly separates the believers in Christ from the non-believers. And it (wisely) ignores the divisive details of doctrine and practice.

  19. From Ralph Ramsey, a Christian Universalist --- Realizing that belief and faith in Christ as outlined in the Scriptures are a gift, and consequently that those very same Scriptures declare that ultimately "God will be all in all."

  20. From Rev. Ralph Fallstick, Non-denominational --- First and foremost, accepting Christ into your heart as Lord and Savior. Walking with Him throughout your diversities regardless how painful they may be, for He is with us even when we enter the firing furnance. For we all need to go through to become the vessel we are made to be.

  21. From a United Methodist --- Graced By God + Faith in salvation through Jesus Christ + Life lived in the Holy Spirit = Unity with Trinity.

  22. From a Reformed Christian --- 1st and foremost that the heavenly father has chosen you to salvation before the foundation of the world, then at the elected time his spirit draws you, convicts you of your sin, you here the word of god, by preaching, teaching, reading etc. . . you beleive on the word that you have heard, and allow god to change you by the now new found faith in his son jesus christ who has made all this possible. becasue of his plan of redemption that he has ordained before any of us where born.

  23. From Nicholas French, a non-deniminational Christian that relates to the Church of God --- We have One God, the Father, and we have One Lord, Jesus Christ. "Who do you say that I am? You are Christ the Son of the Living God."

  24. From Bill Barnard --- Someone who believes that Christ is our Saviour and that he died that we may live.

  25. From Paul Ramsey, a Christian --- Acknowledging that as a sinner, the only provision for my sin is Jesus death on the cross, where he paid the penalty so I could be in right standing with God and accepting that gift for myself.

  26. From Pastor Steven Anderson, a Messianic/Christian --- Understanding and Accepting the Full Meaning of JOHN 3:16 - For GOD so (greatly) Loved (and dearly prized) the World, that HE (even) Gave (up) HIS Only Begotten (and unique) SON, (so) that Whosoever Believeth (trusts) In HIM Should Not Perish, but Have Everlasting Life... KJV w/ AMP (Isa. 53:5; John 1:29, 3:14-16, 8:28, 11:51-52, 12:31-35, 15:12; Rom. 4:23-25, 5:8, 8:32, 10:9, 15:4; Eph. 2:4-5; 2 Tim. 3:16; 1 Pet. 2:24; 1 John 2:1-2, 4:9-10, 19)

  27. From Dennis a Charismatic Methodist --- Trusting in Jesus. I believe God will eventually reconcile all to himself. He is the savior of ALL. Every knee will bow thus all will be saved.

  28. From David Rambo affiliated with the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith --- Worship the true God, not a pagan trinity. Accept the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf, be baptised by immersion out of obedience to the gospel command, and follow the example of Jesus in your day to day life.

  29. From Gary M. a non-denominational Christian --- As the word implies, a Christian is one who accepts that Christ Jesus is the Son of God; He died for our sins as our Savior(Salvation); and believes that He is God the Son...

  30. From a Catholic --- Trusting and believing that Christ is the Savior and that he has died for our sins. Then we are born again. We must then follow Christ's teachings. How can we accept Jesus and not accept what he has taught us? We then proceed in loving and forgiving others. Just as Christ taught us.

  31. From Dennis Gannon, a Christian Unitarian Universalist --- A Christian is a follower of Jesus and a believer in his teachings.

  32. From Joe Paul, an Associated Bible Student --- Believing that God sent his only begotton son to earth as a perfect ransom sacrifice so that all the families of the earth will be blessed.

  33. From Bill, a Roman Catholic --- Anyone who honestly seeks the Father will know the Son. It is God's job, not ours. Jesus' death and resurection were a gift. Faith and good works our are life. God will reward or punish according to our DEEDS, not to our "enlightenment," not to "frame of mind," and not to our "gifts."

  34. From Diane, a Pentecostal --- Believe in the risen Christ and act on that belief, repent of sins, be baptized in His name,and read His Word, obey, and fellowship.

  35. From Ron Wilson, a Christian Universalist --- A Christian is one who believes that Jesus Christ died for him and ALL of mankind, and who looks for that grand and glorious appearing of our God and Father to complete the restoration of All things to their original beauty, purpose, and condition. All mankind are afforded this grand opportunity to life.

  36. From Jenny, who is currently attending a Baptist Church --- God sets the criteria - one who, by faith, has come to the saving knowledge of God - how we were born of the flesh, sinners, and how we are born of the spirt by the completed work of Christ's death and resurrection.

  37. From Truth Seeker --- Here is the endurance of the Set apart ones, here are those guarding the commands of Elohim and the belief in YESHUA. Rev. 14:12 The belief in Jesus is common, the following of His Word is not. Unfortunately, (speaking as a man) this appears to be the dividing line in scripture. There is a way that seems right to a man in his heart but in the end it leads to death.

  38. From Ken Worley, a Pentecostal --- Acceptance of the blood attonement of Jesus Christ and following Him by repentance and baptism.

  39. From an Inter-denominational Christian --- Believing in God the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. And that Jesus Christ died for the sins of all.

  40. From a Presbyterian --- A Christian is one who is a true believer in Jesus Christ being the Lord and Savior.

  41. From Tommy, a Southern Baptist Pastor --- A Christian is someone who has trusted Jesus Christ personally as his or her Savior. Christ is God's gift, and this salvation is 100% by grace.

  42. From Eric Martin --- Belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and the repentence of sin and a close walk with the Lord the rest of your life.

  43. From Warren Crawford, an Episcopalian --- Belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Master of your life.

  44. From Shahid, a Monotheist --- Believing in GOD ALONE; trusting Him in everything (not my will; but His Will) and submitting to Him alone at all times and circumstances as He is the Sole Creator and Sustainer or Everything... The Lord of Abraham and Moses and Jesus and of me :-) My One and Only Lord please bless us and have mercy on our eternal souls which are ever in Thy Holy Hands. Praise GOD.

  45. From Thomas Conzelmann, who is affiliated with Methodist and Concordant Fellowships --- Saved and justified by Christ alone and no human efforts.

  46. From John Weitzel, a Roman Catholic --- "For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me" (Matt 12:50; 22:37-38; 25:40)

  47. From Eric Davis, a House Church believer --- One who rests all their hope on the risen Lord Jesus.

  48. From Chip Anderson, a Catholic --- A follower of Christ.

  49. From Heath, a Christian (Disciple of Christ) -- 1) You must ask Jesus into your heart 2) You must obey his laws and commandments 3) Treat other people as Jesus would treat them 4) SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF GOD TO THE UNSAVED!!!

  50. From Carl Danielson, affiliated with The church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S. -- To be concidered a Christian you must be a follower of Christ. Simply addmitting that you beleive Christ does in no way garantee that you follow Him. You must try to do all that he has taught. You must accept him as your personal Savior. You must be brave in your testimony of Christ; knowing that he suffered for you; that he is the expiator of all the world; that he died and on the third day after he rose from the dead. Being truly christian is knowing Christ just as well as knowing yourself.

  51. From a Church of Christ member --- Beleving that Jesus is the Christ that he died for my sins,and I repented, and he is my saviour.

  52. From Kevin, a Pentecostal --- A Christian is someone who has accepted Jesus as their Savior. Who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. Has accepted the gift God sent, Jesus, into their lives. Who has asked to be forgiven and strives to do what God commands them to do. A Christian wants to be closer to God each day and in turn has a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

  53. From Jimbos, affiliated with the Christian Missionary Alliance --- Love thy neighbor as thyself. Seek and find Jesus who was God in man's form while on earth. Repent of sin and trust in Him for salvation. Follow Jesus ways and believe that He alone is the atonement for sin. Although good works does not make a man a Christian, they are good and right in God's eyes. Follow Jesus example to the best of your ability.

  54. From an Unitarian Universalist --- Most so-called "Christian" denominations define the criterion for being a Christian as acceptance of the beliefs outlined in the Nicene and Apostles' Creeds (i.e., a triune god, the divinity of Jesus, his miraculous birth, his death for atonement of human sin, his physical resurrection, and his bodily ascension into Heaven). My definition is a subscription to the teachings of Jesus and Jesus alone, not the Pauline corruption of Jesus' message that has permeated the church since the first century of the Common Era. Jesus taught that there is one divine being, the "father" of all creatures, including Jesus and the rest of us who are by extension Jesus' brothers and sisters; this divine being created the world; this creator revealed ten basic laws to help humans live in harmony, which can be distilled down to his basic teaching of "love the creator with your whole being and love your neighbor as you love yourself"; the creator sent his first child, Jesus, to earth as a human to "fulfill" the law, i.e., relieve us of the burden of trying to achieve eternal life by complete obedience to the Jewish law that was being imposed upon us by the religious powers; and this child of the creator taught that we should simply believe in what he was teaching to relieve our anxieties about eternity rather than try to achieve justification through adherence to religious law. For this blasphemy, he was executed by the Romans at the behest of the controlling Jewish religious interests; however, he reappeared two days after his execution to some of his followers in what they in their scientific ignorance thought to be bodily form (even though he could appear inside locked rooms) and continued to appear for forty days until the congregated group of believers witnessed the vision of him rising back to heaven. The acceptance of either the belief in a physical resurrection and ascension into heaven or in metaphorical ones does not change the core meaning of the message that Jesus brought to humans about the nature of the afterlife.

  55. From a Non-Denominational Christian -- Being a Christian simply means that one has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior - that they have repented from their sins and accepted His gift of Salvation.

What is Salvation?

  1. From Debbie Kean, an Anglican --- God saves people from their sin and the tendency and desire to sin, not just the consequences.

  2. From Carl Danielson, affiliated with The church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S. -- Salvation is obtaining all that the Father hath in the highest degree of glory. You will Live with God, You will learn with God, you shall be as God. He will share His power and will reveal all-things unto you for your personal growth, because He loves you and He wants you to experience the same complete joy that He feels having you in His presence.

  3. From Abigail, a Pentecostal --- Salvation is the receiving of Jesus Christ into your life as your personal savior. I believe that Jesus is the only means of salvation. He died on the cross so that we could have eternal life. If you have not received Jesus into your life, then you will not go to Heaven. I urge everyone to get there own personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. May God Bless You!

  4. From Debbie Boutwell, an Inter-Denominational Christian -- Salvation is being saved from the wrath of God through His son Jesus Christ, who became sin for us that we could become the righteousness of God.

  5. From Erica -- Salvation is where a person believes that he or she is a sinner and that Christ died for them. To get saved you must ask Jesus to come into your heart.

  6. From Dennis Raffaelli, a Methodist/Pentecostal/Charismatic/Universalist -- Salvation is God in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself.

  7. From Kyle Britt, a Pentecostal-C.O.G --- Salvation is the wond'rous mercy of God that allows us to be saved by His grace."

  8. From a Baptist --- It is when you let God be the head of your life give him your free will,and be born again.

  9. From Angela, a Bible Believin' Baptist --- Salvation is taking the "Roman Road".

    • Realizing one is a sinner.
    • Realizing that one cannot acheive perfection on his own.
    • Realizing Christ, the Son of God(whom He loved) and was God in flesh, made it easier for us to be saved by dying on the cross for our sins.
    • Placing ones faith in Jesus and asking Him into his heart.

  10. From an Unitarian Universalist --- "Salvation" is the mistaken idea that all human-kind is innately sinful and must be "saved" from their sins in order to avoid eternal punishment. Although humans engage in behaviors that have been defined by religious interests as "sinful," these behaviors are the result of our material natures, not the willful decisions on the part of our spiritual natures to disobey the laws of the Creator. The doctrine of sin assumes that we have complete control of our behavior, so that any disobedience to what is defined in the Bible as "God's Law" must be willful. It is clear from psychological research that we do not have complete control of our behaviors; studies with identical twins separated in infancy reveal that even a great deal of our personalities is inherited. If this is so, then how can we control it completely? And if we cannot control it completely, then how is it "right" or "just" that we be punished for "disobedience"? Yes, some behaviors are evil because they harm other people. Yes, the people who commit such acts should be segregated from the rest of society for the common good (either by imprisonment or execution) if they cannot control their actions. But the idea that they should be consigned to eternal torment because their spiritual nature is not strong enough to completely control their animal, material nature is a morally repugnant doctrine and one that is the result of the human desire for retaliation against those who cause harm in a world where such retaliation is not always achievable.

  11. From a Non-Denominational Christian --- Salvation is the saving from the debt of our sins. Salvation for an individual requires that one realizes that he/she is a sinner, that there is a price to pay for sin, that Jesus Christ paid that price, and that he/she must repent and give up their sins. Acceptance of Jesus' free gift reconciles us to God and wipes out our sin debt.

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