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On the True Grace Ministries website you will find libraries of reference materials concerning differing views of various doctrines. The articles in these libraries have come from a variety of sources, including speeches, articles, tracts, and other presentations, and they have been composed over a period of time. Consequently, on our website you will find many thought provoking and sometimes controversial articles.

Therefore, please keep in mind that the inclusion of an article on this site does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of True Grace Ministries. Neither does a writer's inclusion on this site imply his agreement with all of the other articles. Each writer is responsible only for his own stated views. Some of the articles are from publications that are no longer in print and are given as a resource for people to use in learning about, and comparing, differing beliefs among Christians.

The date at the left of the page is the date that the article was added to the web site and not the date of the publication of the article. The latest additions are listed at the top of the page. This Page Was Last modified: Thursday, 02-Oct-2003 09:45:26 CDT