Similar to The Living Bible
of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

"Love is patient and kind..."
Yes, even after having said something again and again and again, love doesn't explode, stamp its feet, or toot its horn. It accepts that all humans stumble and fall. Instead of accusing: "You always..." or "You never...." it avoids judgment and searches for opportunity to be constructive. It is cheerfully interruptible, and never too busy to just listen.

"Love is never jealous or envious..."
It doesn't have to compete, control others, or be detective. It is not petty or insecure or afraid to let go. It doesn't suffocate or smother, clutch or cling. It trusts others and gives them the right to be different and free.

"Love is never boastful or proud..."
It doesn't parade, over-dress, leave big notes or drop big names. It's in no hurry to say, "I did it!" or "Where would you be without me?" Love doesn't beg for a pat on the head or a round of applause. It's not afraid of losing face, and is quick to say, "I'm sorry--my mistake" or "I blew it--please forgive me."

"Love is never haughty or selfish or rude..."
It is courteous, never pushy, able to give way, happy to say "Thanks!" It doesn't need to be first, in front; it isn't blunt, doesn't but in or shoot off its mouth. It accepts and cares about itself in a healthy, responsible way, and treats others with the same respect.

"Love does not demand its own way..."
It doesn't pout, bully or blackmail others. It doesn't threaten, "I won't be your friend," "I won't play with you anymore," or "I'll take my ball and go home." Not seeking control, it says, "Let's do this together!" It seeks to encourage others without shoving or shouting, leaving them room to grow.

"Love is not irritable or touchy..."
It doesn't snap or snarl, or give others the silent treatment. When it climbs out of bed on the wrong side, it tries not to spread its mood over neighbors. It knows and accepts its own limits, and makes others feel better about theirs.

"Love does not hold grudges..."
It doesn't compile statistics, keep the score, or chalk up words of anger. It isn't easy to offend, forgets hurts, doesn't seek revenge, and refuses to build walls that shut people off from each other. It chooses to forgive, presenting to others the gift of a new start.

"Love is never glad about injustice..."
It never cheers when someone is found lacking or gloats when someone goes down. It won't paint over the cracks, sell the truth, or water it down for some personal advantage. It doesn't stand passive while someone gets a rotten deal, but goes out on a limb to see that right is done.

"There is nothing that love cannot face..."
It can cope with the unwanted, the unplanned, the unpleasant, the unchangeable, or the unending. It never shouts: "This is the last time...!" or "If you do that again...!" or "I'm not going any further...!"

"Love never stops believing, never gives up hope, always endures..."
Love persists and doesn't quit no matter how dark the issue or bleak the outlook. It says what it means, means what it says, and outlasts, outruns, and outlives anyone or anything anywhere.

"Love will never come to an end..."
It really is the answer. It's the only thing that works when nothing else will. After other remedies have withered away, wound down, or worn out, love with wisdom will still be manifest.

"God is love..."
And this kind of love is God's. Maybe He can help us become the lovers he wishes us to be.