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These questions on "A Ransom For All" booklet can assist two ways: 1) In personal study, to identify points in greater detail than the questions on the back cover of the booklet; 2) In a group topical Bible study, for discussion of pertinent points of each paragraph in progressive development of the subject. Further blessings await those who, by repeated consideration, search for additional points to which these questions do not draw specific attention.

  1. a) What does I Tim. 2:4-6 assure as to God's desire regarding all mankind? b) Do most people die with or without a full knowledge of God's purpose? 1-top

  2. a) When did God provide coats of skins for Adam and Eve? b) What idea is suggested by this provision? 1-1

  3. What does the provision of coats of skins foreshadow on behalf of the human family?

  4. What led to the introduction of cruel, vindictive notions regarding deities? 2-1

  5. What is it regarding atonement that has been generally lost sight of? 2-2

  6. a) What is it that allows the removal of God's just penalty? b) Against whom is the penalty removed? 2-3

  7. a) What is the dominion of the human estate? b) What estates are above it? 2-4

  8. What did the "very good" Adam and his companion lack when placed in the garden? 3-1

  9. a) What was the penalty for the simple test in Eden? b) What was the real point being tested? 3-2

  10. a) What is important to remember regarding small incidents? b) What did God have a right to require? 4-1

  11. What expression from God should we expect regarding the penalty? 4-2

  12. What does Gen. 1-3 teach regarding the penalty for disobedience? 4-3

  13. Explain the different ways, and details regarding how, God has dealt with disobedience. 5-1

  14. a) How long may a 'day' be? b) What has confused many on the subject of death? 5-2,6-1

  15. What was not implied in the words threatening the penalty for death? 6-2

  16. a) Why was man expelled from Eden? b) What does the answer prove regarding the penalty? 7-1,2

  17. According to the Bible, why do we all die? 7-3, 8-1

  18. What is it which we call 'life'? 8-1

  19. What would we likely have done, if in Adam's position? 8-2,3

  20. How should we feel toward God for not giving us an experience exactly like that of our first parents? 8-3

  21. a) What is the basis of God's dealings? b) What does this guarantee regarding His purposes? 9-1

  22. What did God have in mind regarding human transgression before it occurred? 9-2

  23. What would be a corresponding price? 10-1

  24. What could justice accept as full satisfaction? 10-1,11-1

  25. a) What did the Son share with His Father regarding the human race? b) Why could not the heavenly Son be a ransom? 11-2

  26. What did the Son undergo to be our ransom? 11-3

  27. What change in man's condition was made by the entrance of sin? 12-1

  28. Whom was Jesus made a little lower than? 12-2

  29. Explain in detail the nature of our Redeemer when on earth. 13- 1

  30. What did Jesus give to be our ransom? 13-2

  31. a) What does "due time" mean? b) Explain the 'times' which God has purposed. 14-1

  32. What does a clear view of the ransom affirm regarding the penalty for sin? 14-2

  33. What does the experience of Jesus indicate regarding the penalty for sin? 15-1

  34. What is it that has redeemed us? 15-2

  35. What did the reformer William Tyndale say about the ransom? 15- 3

  36. What is the requirement expressed in I Thes. 5:21? 16-1

  37. What is now the position of Jesus in relation to the angels? 16-2

  38. Describe the status of Jesus after His reward? 17-1

  39. Discuss in detail the nature of Jesus after His resurrection. 17-2

  40. What titles and offices attach to the present service of Jesus? 17-3

  41. What reward should Christians seek? 18-1

  42. What titles did Isaiah ascribe to our Lord Jesus? 18-2

  43. Jesus is "the last Adam." What does that signify? 19-1

  44. What has come upon all of Adam's race? 19-2

  45. Describe the comparative processes of the giving of life by the two Adams. 20-1

  46. To whom is the opportunity extended to become members of Christ's race? 20-2

  47. Compare that which the two Adams bestow upon their respective races? 21-1

  48. What will cause our risen Lord to be satisfied? 21-2

  49. Whom will the permanent results of the ransom be worthy of, and satisfactory to? 21-2

  50. What will occur to the incorrigibly disobedient? 21-3

  51. What does the Bible's ransom teaching reveal regarding the divine purpose? 22-1

  52. a) What is God's purpose regarding the non-elect? b) Who assist Jesus in the subjugation of evil? 23-1

  53. What was the former condition of those becoming "the children of promise"? 23-2

  54. a) To whom has God committed all judgment? b) When will the world be judged? 24-1

  55. What does obedience to Jesus cause believers to do? 25-1

  56. When will believers be competent to judge others? 25-2

  57. a) For what does the awakening of the non-elect wait? b) Who are those noted as "having done the evil things"? 26-1,2

  58. What will the unjust learn during the judgment day? 26-2

  59. a) What will "the creation itself" experience? b)What must occur before that regarding the church? 27-1

  60. What does the assurance in Psa. 110:1,2 and Heb. 10:10-12 that Jesus "sat" at God's right hand signify? 29:4,5

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