A Bible study from Faithbuilders Fellowship.
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Faithbuilders Fellowship publications confirm many important Bible doctrines. Among them:
  1. God is all powerful, the Creator.--Eph. 1:19, Isa. 40:28

  2. The first being God brought forth or created was His Son, the Logos (the Word), through whom all else that is was created.--John 1:1-3, Col. 1:15-17, Eph. 2:10

  3. Created perfect, the first man Adam subsequently disobeyed his Creator.--Psa. 8:5,6, Gen. 1:26,31, Rom. 5:19

  4. Having wilfully sinned, the forewarned penalty of death was exacted. "In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shall thou return."--Gen. 2:16,17, 3:19

  5. Only a redeemer could restore Adam or any of his family to life.-- Heb. 2:9, John 5:28

  6. God's only begotten Son volunteered to leave His heavenly home and glory and become man's redeemer. In due time His life was transferred, and God's Son was "made flesh" through birth so that He could sacrifice His human life in death as a ransom, a corresponding price.- -John 8:58, 1:14, 1 Tim. 2:6

  7. The Father resurrected His dead Son "on the third day," highly exalting Him.--2 John 1:3, Acts 2:30-32, Luke 24:46, Philippians 2:9

  8. God rewards all who diligently seek and serve Him.--Heb. 11:6, 1 Cor. 3:14

  9. Jesus purchased the human family by His death, and after His resurrection He began the important blessing of believers at Pentecost.--Eph. 1:14, Col. 1:20, Acts 2:16-27, 3:26

  10. Salvation is the gift of God, by His grace (unmerited favor), and through faith unto justification.--Eph. 2:8, Rom. 4:16, 5:16

  11. Those who respond now to the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus are built as "living stones" in a spiritual temple, "a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people." They now serve as "ministers of reconciliation." "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." (NAS) But now "all men have not [this] faith" which justifies.--Phil. 3:14, 1 Pet. 2:5-9, Matt. 16:24, 2 Cor. 5:18-20, 2 Thess. 3:2, Eph. 2:10

  12. Jesus has commanded that believers be not of the world; that they deny self, suffer and die with Him, while sharing His peace, joy, and privilege in anticipation of the great reward of joint heirship with Christ in future heavenly glory.--John 15:18,19, 17:16, 2 Tim. 2:10- 12, 1 Pet. 3:14-17, 4:13-16

  13. Jesus died for all--for the dead as well as for all not then born. His resurrection assures that He shall enlighten "every man that cometh into the world." The awakening from death of the unjust (those who have not the faith which justifies)--promised by prophets, by Jesus, and by the apostles--is that they may receive full knowledge and opportunity under probation during the age to follow through which they may thankfully respond to forgiveness of sin by faith in Christ. Their reward for loyal obedience in the coming favorable time will be perfect life and fellowship with God as originally enjoyed by man before disobedience.--1 Cor. 15:21,22, Rom. 5:17-19, John 1:9, Dan. 12:2, John 5:28,29, Acts 24:15, 1 Tim. 2:4

  14. All incorrigibly wicked evil ones God will destroy.--Psa. 145:20, Rev. 20:15, 21:8

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