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This review is of material presented in convention August 3, 1909 by Benjamin H. Barton, entitled "God's Covenants." He was a close associate of Charles Taze Russell, and he supported C.T.R. in the issues which arose as a result of changed teachings on the new covenant, and teaching on the sin offering.

Such a review would be of little purpose 84 years later, except that many readers may still have indistinct opinions regarding the subjects, and may be quite unaware that they themselves may hold interpretations on the topics which directly contradict Scripture. Inasmuch as: a) the article appears in the published l909 Convention Reports; b) it was published in England about 25 years later; and c) that it continues to be reprinted by two publishers in the United States who endeavor to put it in the hands of new Christians studying God's word, a fresh, detailed examination of its concepts may be appreciated.

The publishers of this review, for reasons given in it, recommend close study of and comparison of the Bible's testimony with the thoughts presented in the "God's Covenants" article and the article that follows it. The importance of the discussions which follow will become apparent to those who take the time to investigate. The suggestions given herein on the two subjects and related Bible passages will be of spiritual interest even to readers who lack copies of the article under discussion.

This review goes forth with the grateful acknowledgment that Brothers Russell and Barton have, on many other topics, given God's people spiritually-helpful Bible interpretations, admonitions and exhortations. Page and paragraph numbers are cited for both formats to direct the reader to the portion discussed in whichever of the two currently-published books they may find it. First citations are keyed to the articles printed in the book "What Pastor Russell Taught," from Chicago Republishing Committee; citations in parentheses are keyed to "Pilgrim Echoes," published by Portland Area Bible Students.

Suggestions for change or correction in foregoing statements in this review will be appreciated and given close consideration. It is hoped that these thoughts may assist Bible Students to present a Scripturally accurate view of these subjects.

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