Submission is a strong word; consecration, one still stronger. Surrender is cessation of resistance; consecration, a transfer of all we are and have to Christ for active service. It covers person and property, talents and opportunities, and accepts of Christ as leader, manager, friend, and Savior--present, active, and efficient in all the details of life.

There are degrees of consecration, and even entire consecration is progressive--for new interests, cares, burdens, capacities and opportunities arise and await disposal as Christ is revealed in new relations, making new demands, offering new privileges. These await trustful acceptance, so that ever and anon the proposition to devote all to Christ and receive all of Christ claims fresh attention.

Many commit spiritual interests to His care, but worry on alone with temporal concerns. They trust Him to save their souls, but hesitate to ask His aid in business. They accept daily grace, but doubt respecting daily bread. They rejoice in Christ as Savior, but fail to apprehend Him as a brother, a companion, a present, constant friend.

Consecration is not absolutely perfect (that is complete), until the fulness of our Lord is perceived and received, and the fulness of life is devoted to Him. Every revelation of Christ calls for new devotion from us. The consecration must be as broad as one's perceptions covering the fulness of Christ and the fulness of man.

-- Selected