(The following was published in the "Universalist Herald," May 12, 1827)

Constitution, Profession of Faith, and Covenant
of the first Independent Church of Christ, in the city of Troy, N.Y. called Restorationist.


    Section 1. This Church shall have full power, in its own body, to govern itself in all cases whatever, which shall not interfere with the prerogative of the convention, or association, of which this church is a member; and, to choose its own officers: for which, and for other business, it shall meet annually.
    Section 2. The officers of said Church shall consist of a Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, and such a number of Deacons as shall be thought necessary.
    These officers shall be chosen annually, except the Deacons, who shall continue in their official capacity while their deportment is becoming the Christian, or, until resignation.
    Section 3. All persons sustaining virtuous, sober, moral, and religious characters, and wishing to enjoy Christian communion, by subscribing the profession of faith adopted by this Church, shall be received as members of the Church.
    Section 4. Every person, previous to being received as a member of this Church, shall give a relation of his or her faith and Christian experience, either verbally or in writing, that shall be satisfactory to the Church.
    Section 5. The unanimous consent of all the members present shall be necessary to the admission of any new member.
    Section 6. All persons wishing to join with this Church who may be conscientious with respect to Baptism, shall have their minds satisfied respecting the mode.
    Section 7. All worthy Christians shall be affectionately invited to our communion without regard to name or denomination.
    Section 8. Should any member wish to withdraw from this connection, he or she shall have the liberty by making their request seasonably to the Church.
    Section 9. Should the conduct of any member become incompatible with Christian rectitude, he or she shall be dealt with according to gospel rules taught in the New Testament and recorded in St. Matthew 18:15-16; St. Luke 17:3-4, &c.
    Section 10. This Church disclaims all authority for passing any further judgment against any offending member than the withdrawing of fellowship.
    Section 11. The foregoing Sections shall be subject to any revision, or amendment, which shall hereafter be deemed necessary by the request of two-thirds of the members of the Church.


    Recognizing the relation we sustain to God and man, and trusting in the boundless goodness of our Heavenly Father, we, the undersigned, feel it our duty to make a public profession of "his love abroad in our hearts."
    The better to promote union and Christian love in our fraternity, we mutually agree to watch over ourselves and each other, in faithfulness and charity; and interchange all those duties incumbent on persons associated as we are; exercising brotherly love towards one another, while God in his mercy shall permit this union; and, we mutually adopt and subscribe the following articles of faith:
    Article 1. We believe and trust on one supreme and immutable God, the Father of all, who is infinite in wisdom, power, and goodness.
    Article 2. We believe in one Lord Jesus the beginning of the creation of God, bull of grace and truth, who has all power in Heaven and Earth to do God's will.
    Article 3. We believe that all that Jesus Christ has done, or shall do, for fallen man is the effect of God's love and not the occasion of it.
    Article 4. We believe the Holy Bible to have been dictated by the inspiration of God and to reveal enough for man to know of his duty here and destination hereafter.
    Article 5. We believe in rewards and punishments according to the good or evil deeds of mankind; but that all punishment will be limited and remedial.
    Article 6. We believe that pure and undefiled religion is to visit the fatherless and the widow in their afflictions and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world's pollution.
    Article 7. We believe that no man can be happy in the society of the blessed until born of God's Spirit and love.
   Article 8. We believe, notwithstanding the piety and goodness of Christian professors, that the best must become still better to enjoy God's presence in glory.
    Article 9. We believe that in the fullness of time, Jesus, who tasted death for every man, will see the "travail of his soul, in the reconciliation of all things to God."
    Article 10. We believe it our reasonable duty, as far as possible, to live peaceably with all men, manifesting the spirit of our religion in our intercourse with mankind, and in our devotion to God.
    Article 11. We believe it our duty, also, to meet on the first day of the week, for social and divine worship; and attend the delightsome services of the sanctuary, in prayer, singing, reading and hearing God's word; and to unite in the sacramental solemnities on such occasions, as are appointed, "looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith."


    That we may the better promote the declarative glory of God; the more effectually advance the kingdom and religion of our Redeemer, in the world; and render ourselves the more pure examples to believers, we, therefore, in the presence of a Holy God, angels and men, most solemnly and sincerely dedicate ourselves to God as Christians; and to Jesus Christ as disciples, and to each other as brethren and sisters in the bonds of gospel faith; and solemnly promise that we will take the Holy Bible as the rule of our faith and practice. Thus we covenant and agree in the Lord.