Ulrich Albrecht


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Auburn University, AL 36849-5310

Parker 330 (334)-844-4228

Email: albreuf@mail.auburn.edu


The Kids: 

Veronica and Melina

Research :  Groups, Modules, Endomorphism Rings, Homological Algebra:  

List of Publications

The old model railroad.The right part was built by my father in the early 70ís and has been

upgraded over 30 years.It was a combination of NEM-track and the old Trix Express system.

In 2007, I decided to convert the remaining Trix track to NEM.When we decided to move, I

faced the question to rebuilt once more, or built new.In view of the layouts age, and inherent

design problems, e.g. many curves were based on Trix Express R1 which is about 34cm, I would have

had to use the NEM R1 = 36cm.Therefore I decided to tear down the layout and start new.It was a

difficult decision, but in the endworthwhile.

Photos der Eisenbahn Anlage
Pictures of the Layout
Betriebswerk Irmaburg

Betriebswerk Baden-Baden

The new model railroad

Pictures to follow