Tick Tock T

Emergent Literacy Design

Ashley Kinsey


Rational: In this lesson, students will learn the phoneme /t/ that is represented by T. Letter recognition is an important skill to know for reading. This will help students with recognize the letter t with the phoneme /t/. Students will learn about words with t at the beginning. Students will learn to associate the t sound with a ticking clock and use a clock hand gesture to help them remember the sound. During the lesson, students will work on writing the letter symbols T and t and finding the phoneme in words.




Primary Paper

Tongue Twister written on a poster

Circle 10 Words that Start with T Worksheet


Word Cards: light, bat, ball, at, cab, now, later, tip, ship

The Adventures of Taxi Dog

Picture of a clock



1. Today we are going to learn the mouth movements of the phoneme /t/. The phoneme /t/ is spelled with the letter T. The letter T looks like a hand of a clock. It also makes the sound of the ticking hands every second.  This will help students link the phoneme /t/ to the letter t, so they can become better readers.


2. Now let’s pretend that our finger is a hand on the clock, /t/ /t/ /t/. (Show a picture of a clock and point out the hands.) Can you try making the sound? Your tongue touches the roof of your mouth and then comes down making the /t/ sound.


3. Now let’s practice find the phoneme /t/. I am going to say a word and listen for the /t/ sound when I stretch it out. Remember to listen for the clock hand sound because that will help. Lll-iigghhtt. I heard it at the end. Did you hear it? I felt my tongue touch the roof of my mouth at the end. You try saying the word and see if you can feel your tongue.


4. Show the students a tongue twister that is written on a board.  Now let's say it together. Tommy Tricked Tim and Took his Train. This time let's say it and stretch out each word.  Let's say it again this time separating the t from the rest of the word. T-ommy T-ricked T-im and T-ook his T-rain. Lets say it a few more times.


5. Now I am going to say two words. When you hear the phoneme /t/ move your finger like the clock. I will then call on someone to tell us which word they moved their finger on and why. Do you hear /t/ in bat or ball? At or cab? Now or later? Tip or Ship? We will look at the words and practice sounding out the word and listening for the /t/ sound.


6. Next pass out primary paper to each student.  We are going to practice writing the /t/ sound using the letter T. First we are going to write a capital T. Watch me write it and then you are going to copy me and write the capital T five times. Start at the rooftop and go down to the sidewalk. Then draw a horizontal line on the top. Draw a practice capital T, and once I have seen it start writing your five capital Ts. (After they are all done then you can move on.) Next we are going to practice writing the lower case t. Watch me first before you start work on yours. Start a little above the fence and make a vertical line down to the sidewalk. Then make a line going across the line you just drew on the fence. Now try writing one. Let me check your one before you move on to writing five lower case ts.


7. Now we are going to read a book called The Adventures of Taxi Dog. This book is about a dog that lived in a city and is very lonely. One day a man finds the dog and asks the dog to go with him The dog is very nervous about what is going to happen to him. We are going to have to read to find out what happens to the dog. While I am reading, listen for the /t/ sound and do your finger like a clock hand when you hear it.


8. For assessment, I will give the students a worksheet where they circle and color the pictures that have the phoneme /t/ in them. We will then practice writing the words of some of the pictures they circled. Students will also come over to my table and practice reading words that start with T and have the phoneme /t/ in them. I will be marking which words they can and can not read.





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