Getting Started

Many students would like to get involved with undergraduate research but they do not know how to get started. How one gets involved depends on the student's field of study, year in college, and commitment to tracking down opportunities. Most of the research conducted at Auburn begins with a student approaching a faculty member, department chair, advisor, or another student who has been involved in undergraduate research. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • If there are courses that capture your interest, speak to those faculty members about their ongoing research and whether they are interested in working with undergraduate students. Special topics courses or upper-division seminars can provide insight into an area of specialization and can help you get to know potential research mentors.
  • Talk to the chair of your department (or a department you might be interested in joining) to find out which faculty members welcome undergraduates in their research group, or which faculty are currently or have formerly guided undergraduates in a research methods or independent study course.
  • Review postings to the Undergraduate Research website or visit us on Facebook to learn about internal and external research grants and opportunities. Unlike academic scholarships, research fellowships are often focused on the merit of a student's project, and not always on the academic credentials or GPA of the student. Some students earn academic credit for their work and others receive research stipends.
  • Speak to graduate teaching assistants about their research or project. They can advise you on which faculty members are best suited for your interests.
  • Consult academic advisors for help in identifying potential faculty mentors.
  • Attend the annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Forum during Research Week to meet students currently engaged in research and to learn about their projects and faculty mentors.


Last Updated: 6/23/2012

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