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Look below for more information on the formatting requirements and Frequently Asked Questions for submitting to the AUJUS.

Style Guide

Submissions should be no more than 10 double-spaced pages in length (not including illustrations or the Faculty Sponsorship Form) and should follow APA Style. Information on APA Style can be found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Sixth Edition) or on the APA Style website. To help provide an unbiased review, authorship information should be removed from the text and included on the article submission form only.

Articles should be ordered as follows:

  • Title
  • Abstract [less than 300 words]
  • Body
  • Acknowledgments
  • References

Materials requiring alternative formatting will be considered upon special request to the editors. For assistance, contact

“Highlights” should be brief summaries (limit 500 words) that capture the author’s research objective, the methods used to achieve the objective, and the study’s importance. If the author has completed the research, the study’s conclusions or key findings can be summarized. “Highlights” should be written for a general but educated audience, not for an expert in the field in study.

To see what must be included in a research highlight submission, click here.

Illustrations (pictures, figures, tables, graphs) are encouraged but are limited to six. They do not count towards the page length. Only high-quality illustrations that are essential to the work should be included. Requests for additional illustrations should be directed to the editors. All illustrations should be included in the submitted article. Authors may be asked to provide illustrations in JPEG or TIFF format for final production, if the submission is accepted for publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research involves systematic investigation of a question, resulting in establishment of facts or new conclusions. Original research is research that has not already been published. Only original research may be submitted to the AUJUS.

If your research was conducted while you were a student at Auburn, we encourage you to submit your paper. If it was done at your previous institution, we suggest you pursue other publication venues or look into submitting to that school’s journal.

Yes, as long as all the articles are original research.

Each author retains his/her own copyright. However, if your work has already been accepted for publication elsewhere, you must ensure that you are not infringing on copyright for that journal. If the article has not been submitted to or published in any other publication, you may submit to AUJUS. If you wish to publish your research elsewhere in the future, consider submitting a shortened article to AUJUS and a detailed, full-length technical article to a professional journal in your field of study. A short article could be a small, self-contained portion of your research or possibly a summary that draws upon the results of the full-length article.

We encourage jointly authored submissions if the work was done with collaborators. Collaborators can be faculty members, graduate students, or other undergraduate students who have contributed significantly to the work presented.

You can submit your research as long as you were an Auburn student at the time of the research. Please submit two faculty sponsorship forms: one from an Auburn faculty member, and one from your research advisor at the other institution.

No, there are no charges for publication.

Yes, it will be available in hard copy and electronic form.

Yes, faculty members can sponsor multiple students.

Any additional questions can be directed to the editors of the AUJUS at

Last Updated: August 13, 2015