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AUJUS 2013

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Identification of Endometrial Cell Compartment-specific Expression of Estrogen Receptor-alpha Using Multispectral Imaging and Digital Image Processing

By: Kimberly E. Roberts, Meghan L. Davolt, Dori J. Miller, Anne A. Wiley, Frank F. Bartol

Parameter Estimation and Simulation Using Virtual Elevation Methods for Race Cycling

By: William D. McGinnis

The Trial of Euphame MacCalzean: Female Inheritance and The Patriarchal Society in the Scottish Witch-Craze of 1590-1591

By: Yvette M. Jones, Adam J. Jortner

Precision of the Neubauer Hemocytometerin Quantifying Concentration of Canine Spermatozoa Within and Between Operators of Differing Experience Levels

By: Kaitlyn Caraway, Robyn Wilborn, Aime Johnson, Jay Barrett, Todd Steury

Frictional Properties of Ground Loblolly Pine Chips

By: Jacob Wadkins, Anshu Shrestha, Oladiran Fasina, Sushil Adhikari, Steven Taylor

Pathoadaptive Variants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

By: Heather C. Eggleston, Sarah B. Chaney, Daniel J. Wozniak

Comparison of Articular Cartilage Thickness in Cadaveric Equine Limbs

By: W. Grant Kirkland, Ryan N. Whitmore, Hannah E. Young, Ashton J. Richardson, Robert L. Jackson, R. Reid Hanson

Microwave Effects Relevant to Antimatter Traps

By: Kelsie A. Niffenegger, Patrick H. Donnan, Francis Robicheaux

Mapping Social Vulnerability for Earthquake Hazards in Salt Lake County, Utah

By: Ryan Hile, Philip L. Chaney

Effectiveness of Continuous-catch Doors for Removing Wild Pigs

By: Trenton N. Smith, Mark D. Smith

Generation of Liquid Fuel Microdroplets for Combustion Imaging

By: Stephen Giles, Vignesh Venkatasubramanian, Jingran Duan, Steve R. Duke

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