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TAN+N is blessed with a network of leading experts in the field of teledemocracy, one spread across the globe. In each issue of TAN+N, we will publish several reports on teledemocratic developments (or lack thereof) in a variety of nations.

These national reports will be brief. However, we hope they will be colorful, vivid and revealing snapshots -- at that point in time. Comments and alternative views are welcome and may find their way in to future issues of TAN+N.

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"Sweden and Teledemocracy: Not Yet a Good Match"
by Krister Thelin, Sweden
"CyberNZ: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"
by Dick Ryan, New Zealand
"Parliament Beware! The UK Is Coming On-Line"
by Martin Bartle, United Kingdom
"Radical Teledemocracy in Canada: In the West--Yes Now; In Ottawa--Not Yet; In Quebec--Not French"
by Antoine Robitaille, Canada and France
"Something is Happening in Denmark"
by Marcus Schmidt, Denmark and Germany
"An Army of Different Drummers Makes Lots of Noise and Little Progress"
by Christa Daryl Slaton, United States of America

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