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Mail, Phone, and Computer

It is the theory, viewpoint and/or prejudice of TAN+N that innovative methods of actual citizen voting from the home is a major tool of citizen empowerment, one that is being experimented with successfully in various parts of the world. In fact, by simply reading through this section, the reader will probably be surprised to see so many of them and will come to realize that this part of the citizen empowerment movement is gaining rapid and strong momentum around the world.

In this section, we will limit ourselves to describing those projects in which at least the distant objective is to make votes of the citizens from their homes BINDING. In some cases, that has already been accomplished. In other words, the goal of the organizers is to help citizens actually elect someone to some office or pass laws simply by casting a ballot from the comfort and convenience of their own personal dwelling.

Some of these projects will be described and analyzed by those who organized the project, some will be described and analyzed by TAN+N's national correspondents or staff members. In some cases, we will reprint articles or materials from other sources (with permission). Sometimes, we will discuss our reaction to those who are critical of this development in citizen empowerment, teledemocracy and/or direct democracy. These projects are divided into two groups:

Voting by Mail
Voting by Phone and Computer
The Electronic Congress
Voting by Phone Foundation
Liberal Party of Nova Scotia Leadership Televote
New Mexico Absentee-Ballot-by-Phone Project (USA)
The Super Democratic Party (NZ)

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