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Welcome to TAN+N2, the main data and multi-media resource base for the Teledemocracy Action News + Network.  
It is divided into the following sections:

1. The Masthead: This describes who and where we can be reached.

2. The Editorial Pages: Here is where you can find our mission, our values and the rating system for the various projects included in the data base.

3. E-Mail to the Editor: Some of the early email to the TAN+N website.

4. Projects and Organizations in the Network: This section is the main directory of all the projects and organizations that are part of the network.  It provides descriptions of what is being done; who are the main contact people; vital data on where they are located and how they can be reached; and each will be rated as to their level of citizen empowerment as set forth in Editorial 2.  This section is itself subdivided into 5 main categories:

    A.  Voting From the Home

    B.  Scientific Deliberative Polling

    C.  Computer-Assisted Democracy

    D.  Electronic Town Meetings

    E.  Affiliated Organizations

5. National Reports: This section includes a number of reports from members of the network on the state of development of Teledemocracy within their countries.  If not noted, the report was written in 1996.  Most of them remain, in 1998, an accurate report on what is transpiring within that nation.

6. Book Reviews: This section contains a number of book reviews or descriptions of what we consider to be important contributions to the field of global Teledemocracy.

7. Article Archive: We have scanned into this website a number of what we consider to be excellent articles written on Teledemocracy.  Some are academic.  Some come from the mass media.  Some are written by members of the network.  Some are not.

8. TAN+N Video Store: Since we believe that Teledemocracy needs to include television and video as part of its technological arsenal, we have also been able to store several video clips that help illustrate some of the major projects in this network.  You can also find which projects have clips in our video store by looking for the video cassette logo next to the name of the project in section 4.

9. On-Line Teleconference and Chat Room: In order to help stimulate a cyber discussion on the subject of this website, we also offer an online chat room.  Please feel free to enter.

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