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The Preamble

    One of the working groups, during the afternoon of the second day, spent some time in drafting a "preamble" to some eventual document that would establish a permanent Congress.  This "preamble" was discussed in some detail during the final plenary session of the Congress on the third day and was refined by the entire group.

    We present this preamble as a statement of what most of its members consider, at least at this point in time, to be at the center of its political value system.  Of course, it is written in cyberspace...not stone.  So, we consider it to be a work in progress and appreciate any and all suggestions as to how it might be improved.  However, final say belongs to the membership of the Congress.

We, the Continuing Congress of International Direct Democracy,  believe that all citizens have the right to directly perform lawmaking and other governmental functions in any polity in which they live.  Therefore, we seek to develop and promote any participatory processes which allow people to exercise their rights to make their own laws and/or manage their own governance.

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